2022 Parks and Recreation Commission Agendas and Minutes

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Commission is to advise the City Council on matters pertaining to the activities of the Open Space & ParksGolf, and Recreation divisions of the Community Services Department, excluding daily administrative operations. The Commission also advises the Urban Forestry division of the Public Works Department.

Hybrid meetings for boards, commissions, and committees began March 1, 2022.
Participate in-person at City Hall (Council Chambers and Community Meeting Room) and virtually. Ad Hoc Committees remain virtual only. Check out our Resources for Hybrid Meeting Attendance.

2022 Agendas and Minutes

Date Agenda and Packet Minutes Video  E-mails from Public
November 22, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 153KB)
    E-mails from Public(PDF, 4MB) 
October 25, 2022  Agenda and Packet (PDF, 154KB) Draft Minutes(PDF, 227KB)  Video  E-mails from Public(PDF, 8MB)
September 27, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 153KB) Minutes(PDF, 265KB)   Video E-mails from Public(PDF, 5MB)  
September 1, 2022   Agenda and Packet(PDF, 153KB)   Minutes(PDF, 228KB)   Video E-mails from Public(PDF, 845KB)
July 28, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 524KB) Minutes(PDF, 360KB) Video  E-mails from Public(PDF, 1MB)
June 28, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 153KB) Minutes(PDF, 302KB) Video   
May 24, 2022  Agenda and Packet(PDF, 153KB) Minutes(PDF, 302KB) Video  
April 26, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 215KB) Minutes(PDF, 2MB)   Video  
March 22, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 158KB) Minutes(PDF, 325KB) Video  
February 22, 2022  Agenda and Packet(PDF, 151KB) Minutes(PDF, 322KB) Video  
February 11, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 182KB) Minutes(PDF, 291KB) Video  
January 25, 2022 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 173KB) Minutes(PDF, 268KB) Video   

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