Pearson-Arastradero Preserve Seasonal Trail Status

All seasonal trails are OPEN. 

Seasonal trails are Bowl Loop, Woodland Star, Woodrat, Wild Rye and the western part of Meadowlark. All other trails remain open year-round. 

For daily trail condition updates, please check the bulletin board in the preserve parking lot, or call the ranger office in Foothills Park at 650-329-2423 to ask for the latest trail conditions in Pearson-Arastradero Preserve.  

How We Decide to Close Trails: We close the seasonal trails if rainfall exceeds 0.5 inches over 48 hours, or exceeds 1 inch within 7 days. Rainfall is measured in Foothills Park, near the headwaters of Arastradero Creek. Visit the Creek Monitor page to see the rainfall gauge that decisions are based on (note that the 24-hour total is a trailing total).

How We Decide to Open the Trails: At the earliest, trails are evaluated after 48 hours of no rain. They are reopened only when dry.

Which Trails are Subject to Seasonal Closure: In general the trails in the higher elevations on the western side of the preserve are the seasonal trails, plus Wildrye Trail in the lower part of the preserve. On the printed Pearson-Arastradero Preserve Trail Map, the trails shown as dashed lines are the seasonal trails, with the exception of Bay Laurel which is now a year-round trail.

On the trail map below, the trails highlighted in red are the seasonal trails subject to closure.