Oak Grove Group Picnic Area

Oak Grove Picnic Area

Oak Grove Picnic Area (2)

Oak Grove Picnic Area (3)

Each vehicle is still charged the entry fee and guests may not be able to enter if park is at capacity.


Oak Grove in Foothills Nature Preserve is a group picnic area that is a wonderful place for events of all sorts, from weddings to graduation parties to reunions -- even just an ordinary picnic. It has a capacity of 1 to 150 people. Oak Grove is the only reservable picnic area in the park.

The Oak Grove picnic area is yours to use for the day. The park is open from 8:00 a.m. and closes at a specific time based on sunset. For specific closing hours, please see our open-hours schedule. Event cleanup must be finished one half hour before park closing. All members of your party, including guests, caterers, musicians, etc., must exit the park before park closing. Equipment may not be left overnight either before or after your event.

Please read the Oak Grove Reservation Information(PDF, 154KB) sheet before reserving. It has important information about dogs, how long you may stay, special uses, and more. Feel free to call the rangers with any questions.


8:00 AM - Sunset
(Please see Open Space Hours for specific closing times)


General Information

  • Foothills Nature Preserve is an open space nature preserve. If you are considering a non-typical nature preserve activity, please call the rangers in advance to inquire if it is allowed or appropriate. Examples of activities that are not permitted include bouncy houses, petting zoos, climbing walls, video boards, and laser tag. You must get a permit in writing from the supervising ranger in advance of your event for non-typical uses. Otherwise, your special activity may not be allowed to take place.
  • A guest list must be submitted one week before your gathering.
  • See the Foothills Nature Preserve map for the location of Oak Grove within the park. Note that the GPS address for the park entrance is different from the mailing address. Please tell your guests to use 11799 Page Mill Road to get close to the park.
  • You may call the rangers in Foothills Nature Preserve at 650-329-2423.


  • 18 picnic tables on three levels
  • Two charcoal-only barbecue pits (no wood burning allowed)
  • Water fountain
  • Lawn area
  • Restrooms
  • Zero Waste dumpsters for landfill, compost, and recycling.
  • Parking lot


You can make a reservation using our online systemOnce your reservation has been confirmed, the guest list(PDF, 75KB) form must be submitted to Foothills Nature Preserve one week in advance, listing all members of your party.

Visit our service page on how to Reserve a Group / Individual Picnic area for more information.