Family Resources

Welcome to the Family Resources web page. Family Resources is your link to the community. Use the web site's searchable data base to find service-providers and resources in our community, and much more. 

Here are some other ways to access our resource information:

  1. Family Resources Hot Line — Prefer to talk to some in person about a resource need?  Just give us a call at (650) 329-2221 and we will be happy to help you.

  2. Desktop Kiosks — The kiosks contain a hard copy collection of local service brochures, maps, and other resource information located in over twenty sites in Palo Alto.  The sites include libraries, community centers, and many non-profit agencies.

  3. You may also call Family Resources to speak with a Resource person - On the phone we can help you navigate the website, answer questions or provide clarifications and additional information; Call Family Resources at (650) 329-2221.

  4. Visit the Family Resources Office: Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, T2, Palo Alto - In our office you can speak to a resource person who can alleviate the stresses and frustrations of looking for resource information.

              A complete list of Resource Prover Information(PDF, 17MB) is available to view.