Child Care Resource

Are you looking for Child Care?  The Office of Human Services maintains a listing and map of licensed child care centers and homes in Palo Alto, provides child care subsidy assistance for income-eligible residents (administered by Palo Alto Community Child Care), and administers contracts for the provision of after-school child care on all of the 12 PAUSD elementary school sites.

We also offer resource information for providers on how to open a child care facility in Palo Alto.  The Office of Human Services also provides support to the Early Care and Education Committee which reports to the City Manager on child care issues.

Assessment of the Needs of Families with Young Children

Palo Alto prides itself on being a community rich in assets, services, and opportunities for families with young children. This stems from a long history of considering and prioritizing the needs of families and young children in the community through our programs, services, amenities and events.  However, the needs of families have changed over the ensuing years including more women in the workforce, an exponential increase in non-traditional work schedules and modes, technological advances, coupled with the high cost of living. 

As a community we needed to ask ourselves the following: How are families and their young children doing?  What programs, supports and services is our community offering them and does it meet their needs? What are the child care needs of families? What challenges do our child care providers face?

The Palo Alto Advisory Committee on Early Care and Education (PAACECE), an advisory group to the City, with the help of a consultant, recently completed an Assessment of the Needs of Families with Youth Children in Palo Alto. PAACECE will be sharing the results of the needs assessment with the community with the goal of getting feedback and seeking partnerships to create a community action plan to address the assessment’s findings.

To find out more about the Assessment, please contact Minka van der Zwaag at or (650) 463-4953