King Artist Residency: Rituals of Resilience

Artist Rayos Magos

Meet Rayos Magos, a San Jose-native Latinx mixed media artist, approved by the Public Art Commission as the first Artist-in-Residence with the City of Palo Alto Public Art Program. 

For his residency project, titled Rituals of Resilience and rooted in empathic collaborations and civic engagements, Rayos Magos utilizes the power of storytelling and imagery in community conversations about culture, identity, belonging, and resilience in Palo Alto, with the special focus on amplifying voices of Latinx and BIPOC community members and mental health service providers. The project looks towards storytelling through imagery, reflections, and rituals, and engages the lager Palo Alto community in a series of conversations and art making workshops that will offer community members to reflect and share their stories about belonging, human connection, and the impact of social distancing on their mental health during the pandemic. His documentation of personal stories and learned experiences will result in a final temporary artwork displayed on King Plaza. 

Community Engagement 

During the first six months of his residency artist Rayos Magos led extensive outreach and engagement with Palo Alto communities in creative ways, including gathering and documenting Latinx/BIPOC stories, connecting with local mental health non-profits, facilitating multiple community art making workshops, conducting interviews with diverse community members and service providers, and creating interactive art to gather more community responses. Rayos Magos' Community Engagement Report(PDF, 272KB) provides an in-depth summary of the artist's goals, methodology, scope, as well as synthesized themes and findings from his outreach. These shared stories and reflections will inform the temporary artwork placed in King Plaza in the Fall 2023 for a period of six months to one year. 

Connect the Rituals of Resilience Project

Any community members with a connection to Palo Alto are invited to participate in the Rituals of Resilience project. Connect with Rayos Magos on Facebook or Instagram, or give him a call and leave a message at (650) 308-4533

Artist Rayos Magos created a free downloadable Rituals of Resilience Artbook(PDF, 4MB). Use this artbook to color, draw, or express your thoughts about your rituals of resilience. You can keep your work private or share your creative self-reflections with the Rituals of Resilience community with the tag #ritualsofresilience.  

About King Artist Residency

In 2021 the Palo Alto Public Art Program is launching the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Coretta Scott King Artist Residency. In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, for whom King Plaza is named, the Council asked the Public Art Commission to consider commissioning a permanent work signaling the City’s commitment to race, equity, and belonging. The Public Art Commission is committed to a permanent platform for ongoing conversations about equity, inclusion, and belonging in Palo Alto through the arts. As a result, the King Artist Residency Program was established. The Public Art Commission approved Rayos Magos as the first artist for the King Artist Residency starting in January 2022, based on recommendations by a selection panel.