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Baylands Vignette by Mary Lucking to be installed on the Highway 101 Pedestrian / Bike Bridge

Inspired by the wetlands and the many creatures that live below, Mary Lucking designed her artwork for the overlook on the Baylands side of the bike and pedestrian bridge. She created grass themed custom railing and three sculptures for the overlook area that double as creative seating. The cast aluminum pieces have a brushed finish and sculpted textured grasses and creatures that will make them visually engaging and interesting to touch. 

Baylands Vignette by Mary Lucking_Rendering

Bayland Vignette, 2021 by Mary Lucking. Rendering of three cast aluminum seating elements with stainless steel railing. 

Sway by Charles Sowers Installed at the new Junior Museum & Zoo

Swinging back and forth in a slow graceful motion, a group of four 40-foot tall, counterbalanced pendulums extend high above the roofline through an opening in the roof of the JMZ. Graceful yet whimsical, the pattern of motion is ever-changing as the pendulums are activated differently by visitors below who push and ride them, and the wind capturing the flags above. The artwork will be open for interaction during limited hours until the Junior Museum and Zoo is open to the public in Fall 2021.

Sway by Charles Sowers_JMZ

Sway by Charles Sowers, 2021. Installed at the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo