Beacons of Hope

Mockup lantern by artist Kiana Honarmand

Join artist Kiana Honarmand in creating a temporary public art installation made of colorful paper lanterns lit with LED tea candles. 

Beacons of Hope is a multifaceted project by artist Kiana Honarmand that includes two free in-person workshops, a temporary public art installation, and a mini-concert. Participants are invited to create colorful paper lanterns which will be displayed as a temporary art installation along Embarcadero Road outside of the Palo Alto Art Center. Inspired by the long history of using lanterns in festivals and celebrations in different cultures across the globe, Beacons of Hope will utilize light and color while focusing on hope and collective healing by bringing the community together to express themselves through art.

Register for a free in-person community workshop on Saturday, October 15 at the Palo Alto Art Center located at 1313 Newell Road in Palo Alto: 

The lanterns created at the workshops will be installed in the trees along Embarcadero Road outside the Palo Alto Art Center on Sunday, October 16 and remain on view through Saturday, October 22. Upon the conclusion of the temporary installation, the artworks will be returned to their makers. There will be an Opening Celebration with a live performance by a trio of local high school students. 

Participate in the project remotely by following the online tutorial for Beacons of Hope to create a colorful lantern and hang it outside your house. The lanterns scattered through Palo Alto will create a sense of connection, wonder, and curiosity, expanding the installation by the Art Center to different neighborhoods throughout the city. Share your lanterns on social media and use hashtags #HopePaloAlto and #ArtLiftMicrogrant. 

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