Inspired by wolves returning to the Chernobyl Exclusion zone to hunt – a sign of an ecosystem beginning to heal after a large natural disaster – artist Lucidbeaming started projecting an animated, running pack of Wolves from the back of his bicycle. The artist has been circling through San Jose at nighttime, engaging and intriguing residents with his artwork since the pandemic began. “The Wolves project started with the idea of balance in nature”, Lucidbeaming comments, “I decided to bring that into the modern city to show the wolves running on the sides of buildings and houses in the empty urban environments. It connected with many people.”

In celebration of our emergence from the pandemic Lucidbeaming will now project his Wolves along three different routes in Palo Alto. During five consecutive evenings from May 11 through May 17 he will cover the Downtown, Midtown and California Avenue areas by taking 60-minute rides after sunset with his Wolves. Our Interactive Tour Map below shows his routes, and the artist’s Wolf Tracker website will provide live updates of his location.


Tuesday May 11, 8:15PM-9:15PM, Downtown North

Wednesday May 12, 8:15PM-9:15PM, California Avenue

Thursday May 13, 8:15PM-9:15PM, Loma Verde

Friday May 14, 8:15PM-9:15PM, Downtown North

Saturday May 15, 8:15PM-9:15PM, California Avenue

Interactive Tour Map