What We Do

crowd of people gathered in the Art Center's Sculpture Garden for the Youth Art awards

Our Mission and Vision

The Palo Alto Art Center is your place to see and make art, activate your creativity, and expand your community.

Here at the Palo Alto Art Center, our vision is for art to be embedded in the community, to be a part of everyday life.

Our Values

At the Palo Alto Art Center, we believe that:

• Art is essential for individual and community vitality.
• Seeing and making art is transformative.
• Respect for one another builds greater understanding, stronger relationships, and community.
• Creativity and innovation inform our public offerings, thinking, and work as an organization.
• Collaborative partnerships and practices are essential for fostering a more interrelated, vibrant city.

As an organization, we are committed to being:
• Inclusive
• Respectful
• Collaborative
• Strategic