Celebrating 50 years of the Art Center

Palo Alto Art Center at Fifty Logo

Created by the community, for the community five decades ago, the Palo Alto Art Center serves as a testament to the potential of collective action. Fifty years ago, a group of Palo Altans recognized the value and potency of creativity for the city and the need to give it a home, and the Art Center was born.

The Art Center’s 50th anniversary programming will showcase the power of art to make a similarly profound impact—by promoting the themes of accessibility, social justice, community healing, and celebration. This golden anniversary will provide an opportunity to celebrate the value of art to make a difference in the lives of individuals and the larger community. Exhibitions and programs in conjunction with the 50th anniversary will reinforce the vital role of the Art Center in engaging the entire community around art, by enhancing our visibility, expanding our audiences, and fostering and developing stronger community partnerships. 

For more information, please visit the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation's dedicated webpage about the 50th anniversary programme.