Performance by Axis Dance at the Art Center, a little girl has been asked to go up to the stage, she stands with a wheelchair using dancer who points at the camera

 At the Palo Alto Art Center, you will find a variety of accessibility resources to enhance your visit:

  • A facility that is ADA accessible
  • Exhibitions that are designed according to the Smithsonian Guidelines for Accessible Exhibition Design
  • Large-print labels
  • Accessibility resources, including weighted blankets and headphones available for check out
  • Trained staff who are accommodating to any special needs – please ask if you need any help
  • Accessible parking

The Art Center also has a social narrative to help you plan your visit to the Art Center. Read the social narrative.(PDF, 28MB)

We also have a social narrative to help you learn what to expect if you take a Children's Fine Art class at the Art Center. Read the children's class social narrative.(PDF, 25MB)