Robin Mullery

Robin Mullery

Studio F5B

Medium: Mixed Media 

Robin Mullery infuses tenderness into the images, objects, and installations she creates. From her background as a therapist she uses her experience of vulnerability and healing to ask questions of and give shape to what it is to see and be seen. She draws a parallel between the urban/industrial landscape and the psychic/emotional state of its inhabitants. This surfaces, geomorphic or social, hidden depths and interconnected in ways not easily visible.

Inherent in Mullery’s work is an exploration of underlying structures, cracks, and fissures in the coming together of matter. She explores the dichotomy of organic and geometric, the real and conceptual, masculine and feminine, harm and repair. Self taught in visual art with an MFA in Poetry and an MA in Psychology Mullery is unrestricted by traditional modes of artistic expression, instead intuiting her way to form and shape.

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Recent Works


Detail of Mama?, 8” diameter ball, concrete, (2020) 


Installation at the Palo Alto Art Center of Mama?, 19 concrete balls of varying sizes, (2020)