Pedro Rivas Lopez

Pedro Rivas Lopez

Studio E-7

Mixed Media and Transformative Storytelling

Artist Statement

During this pivotal time in history, it is imperative we artists, especially artists of color use our creativity to fight oppressive systems. These have robbed and attempted to ethnically cleanse our humanity. We must unite and tell our stories, speak truth, listen, and be included in this narrative that has been wrongfully written. It is time for us to reclaim our voice and affirm our beliefs. We need to show to the world what we as artists of color can do to help bring the transformations we’d like to see in our world.

My focus is to speak truth to power through visual work and other forms of creative expression(s). When one speaks the truth, it brings powerful transformations, but only if someone is listening. Thus, another focus is bringing accessibility and visibility so artists of color. Particularly our youth needs to learn to speak, to speak the truth, and become empowered when realizing their voice matters. Our colored voices are silenced not only by outsiders, but by our own communities. The belief and thought of a person of color becoming or being an artist is humorous, when all we are used to is existing in a nihilistic society. My mother’s ignorance silenced me at the age of 9. Feminizing the artist inside of me and reminding me of my social status and poverty as an immigrant. These narratives she acquired were oppressive and continue to be, for many people of color. If I would have been able to express myself artistically starting at the age of 9, my artistry would be at a different level. I wished I could have had the chance to see people looking like me involved in shaping this narrative. More importantly, my mother would have realized the true beauty in pursuing one’s passion, the transformative nature of art, and how imperative it is to tell our stories and allow the world to see our culture on a canvas or stage. 

Recent Works


Corazón Migrante












Corazón Migrante

Dedicated to all immigrants who have left their country in search for a better tomorrow. “My mother endured hours huddled under a ditch with a helicopter hovering as her hands tightly gripped her rosary, praying for her children to withstand the pressure of the white man hunting for them as the sounds of terrorizing barks approached their nest of hope.

Hope was harvested by my mother's silent pleads to God and La Virgen Maria -cultivated by her strength and ability to envision the great, watered with her melancholic tears,and birthed an impeccable faith under that dark night.

We were all alright.

We arrived to this place of dreams, Los Angeles California, The dreamland that quickly transformed into a nightmare…”

Muertitos Negros

Muertitos Negros 

Las vidas negras importan and for the day of the dead I paint this piece to honor the lives of those black sisters and brothers who have been victims of the oppressive system the United States is. I seek to honor the muertitos that were enslaved during the robbing of these precious lands, to today’s modern civil war where countless black lives have been taken. Emmett Till to Breonna Taylor and the endless black trans folks who have been brutally murdered to so many many more. Together we must unite and work to dismantle white supremacy and recreate a justice system that serves everyone equally. Black lives Matter por siempre y en paz y poder descansen los Muertitos negros. 

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