Paloma Lucas

Artist Details

Paloma Lucas

Location: Studio E3

Medium: Printmaking/Book Arts

Artist Statement 

Call me old fashioned, but I still like to use paper. I love the look, feel, and smell of paper. The widely varying textures, compositions, qualities, colors, and weights provide unlimited possibilities for artistic expression. Paper is the fundamental material I use as a printmaker and book artist at CASP. At the studio you’ll find me tearing, inking, gluing, folding, cutting, or otherwise communing with paper.

I use traditional media for my art, and sometimes digital, to give a visual voice to artistic themes. I endeavor to work on meaningful projects in which I am emotionally connected, and I am deeply inspired by the people in my life, especially by my family and friends. Art is a powerful tool to bring people together. I enjoy working on collaborative projects with other artists and members of the community.


Recent Works 

The artwork Ropa Exterior by Paloma Lucas

"Ropa Exterior” 2020 - Set of 4 prints: “Corset 1895”, “Collette”, “Moonlight” and ”Feuillage - Linocuts prints, size  15’’ x 11”. The series explores the role of women’s undergarments and their imagery as cause for controversy; shifting notions of what is public and what is private.

Photograph of the artwork Just So Stories

“Just So Stories” by Rudyard Kipling. 2019 - Full goatskin fine binding with design onlays, silver tooling and hand tilting. Cover and back cover designs from book illustrations. Three edges painted and decorated with acrylic ink. Hand sewn headbands and silk endpapers. Text disbound and re-sewn on cords laced-in boards.

 Photograph of the artists Articulated binding books

Articulated binding books. 2019 -  Unique articulated binding structure opens fully to 360° in a geometrically appealing and sturdy structure.  This design is ideal for sketchbooks, notebooks, or diaries.

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