Conrad Johnson

Conrad Johnson

Artist Details

Location: Studio E4   

Medium: Color Design

Artist Statement

In five decades as a creative professional my emphasis is accurate representation of natural & man-made objects & places. My current work involves describing the three elements of the landscape: Gravity, Erosion & Time. Preferring to work life size, the challenge of the landscape is to achieve work that feels immense. 

My “Universe” series attempts to describe the vast star-field of infinite space. Two dozen layers of transparent pigment produces a satisfactory result. By working with nature I connect with the universe. My other creative work involves writing fiction and prose. 

Recent Works


Tetonia, 2002, Oil on Canvas, 24x30"

Red Stools

Red Stools, 2015, Color photograph, 24x30"

Five Star

Five Star, 2016, Digital Collage, 24x30"

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