Chelsea Stewart

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Studio E-7

Painting and Mixed Media Installation

Artist Statement

Through exploration of mass and scale, geological subjects, and mental health, Stewart constructs large scale abstract  paintings and paper installations. The relationships between feeling grounded, the action of erosion, and the human body and mind form the fundamentals of her work. Using erosion of geological forms as a catalyst, the passing of her grandmother from dementia, and her own experience with anxiety, Stewart admires the meditative process of the act of making to communicate personal narratives of mental health and mirror it’s brittleness. 

Seeing family members go through experiences such as dementia and depression has inspired Stewart to make work that depicts this feeling of grounding and fragility through installations and paintings. How they affect the human mind and form evolves into two and three dimensional perspectives through her eyes. The vulnerability, tension and delicate state of the canvas and materials of paper echoes the emotions that are felt when going through difficult times. Care shows through in the meditative process of making the work, juxtaposing the frustration, anger and confusion that reveals itself through these tangible formations, dissecting mental health in the technicalities of the composition. Using a variety of mediums including acrylic on canvas and paper-making in micro- and macro- scales, fusing together unconventional, everyday materials to represent the themes of feeling grounded to one’s body. The relational boundaries of geological deterioration mirrors themes of anxiety and mental wellbeing.  

Chelsea Stewart was born in 1997 in San Mateo County, CA. She lives in San Mateo and works in Palo Alto, CA. Stewart received her BFA from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 2020, and is currently pursuing her Art Museum and Gallery Studies Certificate from California State University, East Bay. While also keeping a studio art practice, Stewart concurrently works as the Gallery Manager at the Pamela Walsh Gallery in downtown Palo Alto, CA. Her most recent work 20 lbs is featured in the 2021 London Biennale curated by the Gagliardi Gallery in London, UK; she has been featured artist in Content Mag issue 12.4 Profiles in the Silicon Valley.


Recent Works

Chelsea Stewart_I Am Tired Of It, 2020  

 I Am Tired Of It, 2020. Fiber mixed materials, 45 x 36 in.

Chelsea Stewart_Senior Home, 2020  

Senior Home, 2020. Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 in.

Chelsea Stewart_After

After, 2020. Paper, fabric, and acrylic paint, 7 x 35 in.

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