Palo Alto Fiber

  • Project typeCapacity & Systems Improvements and Customer Connections
  • Project value$90-110M*
  • Contractor nameMagellan Advisors

*This an estimated cost range.

Project Description 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the immediate need of providing high-speed and reliable internet for our community to support work, education and learning, health care and delivery of government services. 

Through the Palo Alto Fiber (Fiber to the Home/Premises) project, the City would provide broadband, high-speed internet services directly to your home or business. This includes high-speed data access to websites, television shows, videoconferencing, cloud services, or voice conversations accessed through a variety of technologies including personal computers, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. 

Get Involved Today

Take a Market Research Survey

The City is seeking input from Palo Alto residents and businesses to learn more about your internet preferences and service needs. Input gained will define service details like pricing and help inform the City Council decision-making process and next steps. Thank you in advance for filling out the survey. To share how you would use local fiber/internet services through this survey, visit the Palo Alto Fiber Hub.

Visit the Palo Alto Fiber Hub

Show Your Interest in Locally-Controlled Internet Services by Submitting a Deposit

Strong community interest is an important factor for consideration as the City explores locally controlled internet services. Submit a $50 deposit today to demonstrate your neighborhood’s support for Palo Alto Fiber. This deposit is fully refundable. The new deposit program is one measure of many being used to design the fiber build out. Go here to submit a deposit.

Other ways to get involved:

Download a fact sheet(PDF, 2MB) about the benefits of Palo Alto Fiber.

Scope of Work

  1. Design an enhanced fiber backbone to support growing utility and city departmental needs for connectivity.
  2. Design a citywide fiber to the home network to reach 100% of homes, businesses and institutions.
  3. Conduct community engagement to raise awareness of the Palo Alto Fiber project.
  4. Conduct a citywide broadband survey of Palo Alto’s residents and businesses.
  5. Perform a risk and mitigation analysis of the City becoming an internet service provider.
  6. Assess the City’s regulatory requirements of becoming an internet service provider.
  7. Assess and target opportunities for grant funding to contribute to construction of the network.

Project Status

On May 24, 2021, the City Council approved and directed staff to move into Phase 2, and to combine Phases 2 and 4. 

During this stage, the City is working with its consultant, Magellan Advisors (Magellan), to conduct robust community education and outreach. An online community engagement hub was launched fall 2021, visit the Palo Alto Fiber Hub

Magellan already kicked off the design process for backbone expansion and fiber to the home, and completed 30% design. Magellan has moved into a constructability/fielding phase where the consultants will walk routes, check pole conditions and make sure routes are constructible. Learn more about the Utility Pole Surveying project.

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1 & 3 (2020)

    01/2020 - 12/2020

    Broadband Planning and Initial Design

  • Phases 2 & 4

    05/2021 - 09/2022

    On May 24, 2021, the City Council directed staff to combine Phases 2 and 4.


    1. Engineering for the City’s expanded fiber backbone
    2. Construction-ready plans for the City’s expanded fiber backbone
    3. Presentations to the UAC and City Council


    1. Engineering for Palo Alto Fiber broadband network
    2. Construction-ready plans for Palo Alto Fiber broadband network
    3. Construction schedule for Palo Alto Fiber broadband network
    4. Maximize community awareness of the fiber project
    5. Conduct robust community education and outreach
    6. Presentations to the UAC and City Council

Join the Fiber Conversation

Learn more about how to become involved with the Palo Alto Fiber project, ways to connect with neighbors, and more on the Join the Fiber Conversation page.

Attend an Upcoming Meeting or Request a Staff Presentation

Email staff at to request a staff presentation and host a focus group.

Project Documents and Helpful Resources