Regulatory and Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees

The City of Palo Alto participates in (or have participated in) these meeting groups. These groups range from committees, boards, commissions, and working groups. They help provide clarity on issues and the best solutions for Palo Alto.

Standing Committees

The City of Palo Alto has five standing committees that focus on specific areas within the City. City Council Members are appointed to a committee to review items referred by the City Council. They then recommend to City Council the best course of action to take.

Boards and Commissions

The City of Palo Alto has eight Boards and Commissions. The City Council appoints each to focus on specific areas within the City. Board Members and Commissioners volunteer their time and expertise to review items. The items are then reviewed by the City Council.

Additional City Meeting Groups

The City of Palo Alto has two more meeting groups. Citizen Corps Council is a local coordinating body for emergency planning and homeland security. The Director's Hearing holds a formal review of certain planning applications, such as Parcel Map applications. 

Past Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups

The City of Palo Alto held these meeting groups to help the need of the public at that time. Although disbanded, these groups created important precedents to improve Palo Alto.

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  • Airport Working Group
  • Citizen Advisory Committee for the Comprehensive Plan Update
  • Citizen Advisory Committee for the FTTP and Wireless Master Plans
  • Cubberley Community Advisory Committee
  • Cubberley Policy Advisory Committee
  • Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission
  • Infrastructure Committee
  • Library Advisory Commission
  • Library Bond Oversight Committee
  • Local Transportation Funding Committee
  • Mayor’s Green Ribbon Task Force On Climate Protection
  • Public Safety Building Blue Ribbon Task Force
  • Rail Corridor Task Force
  • Regional Housing Mandate Committee
  • Storm Drain Blue Ribbon Committee
  • Storm Drain Oversight Committee
  • Taser Task Force


The City of Palo Alto creates reports for the City Council, Board Members, and Commission Members. They are reviewed and deliberated during meetings for informed action. The reports also provide transparency to the public. Past reports can be viewed and searched below; they can also be viewed in the meeting's agenda as embedded links.

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  • City Manager Reports (CMRs)