Public Letters to City Council

The City Council encourages public engagement, participation, and communication. Council Correspondence in any format, including email, fax or post, is acknowledged and published weekly on every Monday for the City Council. Any correspondence received before noon on Monday will be published on that Monday afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: Any written communication to the Council becomes a public record. Personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, or the names of minor children should not be included.

Ways to Send a Public Letter

For strong public engagement, we encourage public participation through Council correspondence. To submit a public letter to the City Council, we recommend sending by email for prompt and direct communication. If you wish to correspond through mail, please send it to the City Clerk's Office. 

  • Send email to
  • Send mail with the following address:
    • Office of the City Clerk: City Hall, 7th Floor
      250 Hamilton Avenue
      Palo Alto, CA 94301

City Council's Individual Contacts

Do you have a specific City Council member you would like to contact? 
Detailed information about each City Council Member can be found on our City Council webpage. This includes office hours, scheduling an appointment with the Mayor, emails and phone numbers. Explore for more general information on City Council procedures and priorities as well.

2021 Public Letters

2021 Public Letters
December 27, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 24MB) 
December 20, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 39MB)
December 13, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 14MB)
December 6, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 7MB)
November 29, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 8MB)
November 22, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 39MB)
November 15, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 13MB)
November 8, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 34MB)
November 1, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 49MB)
October 25, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 53MB)
October 18, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 29MB)
October 12, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 48MB)
October 4, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 34MB)
September 27, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 40MB)
September 20, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 44MB)
September 13, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 28MB)
September 7, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 10MB)

August 30, 2021 Public Letters Set 1(PDF, 15MB)

August 30, 2021 Public Letters Set 2(PDF, 11MB)

*Set 1 includes public letters from 8/11-8/18, following the previous Thursday schedule.
Set 2 includes public letters from 8/23-8/30, following the current Monday schedule.

August 23, 2021 Public Letters Set 1(PDF, 11MB)

August 23, 2021 Public Letters Set 2(PDF, 12MB)

* Set 1 includes public letters from 8/4-8/12, following the previous Thursday schedule.
Set 2 includes public letters from 8/18-8/23, following the current Monday schedule.

August 16, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 17MB)
August 9, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 39MB)
June 21, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 5MB)
June 14, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 3MB)
June 7, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 4MB)
June 1, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 49MB)
May 24, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 5MB)
May 17, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 10MB)
May 10, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 3MB)
May 3, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 4MB)
April 26, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 5MB)
April 19, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 17MB)
April 12, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 12MB)
April 5, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 30MB)
March 22, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 18MB)
March 15, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 20MB)
March 8, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 2MB)
March 1, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 7MB)
February 22, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 18MB)
February 15, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 7MB)
February 8, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 3MB)
February 1, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 23MB)
January 25, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 10MB)
January 19, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 11MB)
January 11, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 10MB)
January 4, 2021 Public Letters(PDF, 362KB)