Contact the City Council

Council Correspondence in any format, including email, fax or post, is acknowledged and reproduced for all packets assembled for Council Meetings. Correspondence received before noon on Wednesday will be included in that week's Council Agenda Packet.  Any correspondence received after noon on Wednesday, relating to an item on an upcoming Agenda, will be provided to the Council Members at the next Council Meeting. Letters addressed to the Council are not automatically added to the agenda; Council Members may choose to place any subject on a future agenda.  
Email the Council at:

PLEASE NOTE: Any written communication to the Council becomes a public record. Personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, or the names of minor children should not be included. If you do not wish your email address to be part of the public record, please send your written communication by postal mail to: 

Office of the City Clerk: City Hall, 7th Floor
250 Hamilton Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Mayor's Office Hours

Mayor DuBois is conducting virtual office hours on Fridays from 10-11:30 a.m. 

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Office of the Mayor: City Hall, 7th Floor
250 Hamilton Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Mayor's Newsletter

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Participation in Meetings

The City Council encourages citizen participation. The Council Agenda includes a period of Oral Communications where the public may comment on any subject, within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City, that is not included on the Agenda. Council Members do not enter into discussion or debate with speakers under Oral Communications. The presiding officer may ask the City Manager to respond at a later date. Citizen's comments on an Agenda Item are heard at the time Council is considering the item. Lengthy testimony should be submitted in writing before the meeting.