Plans and Information

Plans are an integral part of preparing for emergencies and disasters. We are sharing all our public facing documentation, plans and information on this page. Questions or comments? Contact OES at or call (650) 617-3197.

City of Palo Alto Emergency Operations Plan
The City of Palo Alto prepared this Emergency Operations Plan in an effort to ensure the most effective and economical use of all resources (material and personnel) for the maximum benefit and protection of the City's population in time of emergency.  [ more ]
Revision Date: 01/11/2016
  Foothills Fire Management Plan 
[ more ]
  Winter Storm & Flood Plan
This Plan establishes mobilization procedures for maximum utilization of all resources during a winter storm or flood where disruption of transportation, utilities or other services or infrastructure is anticipated or occurs. [ more ]
  Local Hazard Mitigation and Adaption Plan 
[ more ]

  Peninsula Preparedness Network
With the ever present risk of disasters looming over Bay Area communities, a group of government emergency preparedness  experts and community partners have come together to create the Peninsula Preparedness Network project.  [ more ]
   Threat Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment 
From nature’s wrath to human error, hazards exist throughout the world and the City of Palo Alto is no exception. While we cannot prevent all hazards from occurring, we can be aware and prepare for them, to minimize their impacts on our lives.

Last Updated: Dec 8, 2016