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AlertSCC - The best way to stay informed during a widespread emergency.
 NOTE: As of 1 April 2017, Palo Alto has changed AlertSCC service providers from Blackboard Connect to Everbridge. Palo Alto joins all the Cities and Towns and including the County of Santa Clara in adopting this new provider. Everbridge provides a more sophisticated notification platform to the County and more favorable opportunities for its use in our efforts to provide relevant and timely public safety related notifications to our community.

The County of Santa Clara has established a community alerting system AlertSCC; because Palo Alto now participates in this county-wide notification system, you are encouraged to 'sign-up' for the system provided by Everbridge. This system enables the City and County to communicate with all residents regarding time-sensitive matters, such as unforeseen events or emergencies.   
  • If you had already subscribed to the Blackboard Connect AlertSCC System, your contact information was automatically transferred to the Everbridge AlertSCC System.
  • If you register for AlertSCC, now you can receive Palo Alto-specific and county-wide emergency notifications that impact our area.
 Why sign up?
  • It ensures that you get emergency alerts about critical and timely safety information for our community in the event of widespread emergencies.
  • It's easy to sign up and update your contact information.
  • Your account is now password protected.
  • All contact information is confidential.
The Everbridge service allows authorized city and county officials to send and track personalized voice messages to thousands of residents, businesses, and local officials in just minutes, through a single announcement. The service requires no additional hardware; it can be activated by City personnel from any computer with Internet access or by telephone, ensuring that officials can send vital messages from wherever they are located. The City also can track numbers that were reached with a report on the results of outgoing messages.

Examples of notifications include:  disaster information, crime bulletins, power outages, and other related urgent or time-sensitive information.  

The City of Palo Alto strongly urges all residents and businesses to register their contact information into the secure Everbridge database to make sure they are ready to receive important information from the City at all times. Residents can opt-in to provide complete information (up to three phone numbers and two e-mail addresses). For those without residential Internet access, they can access the system on computers at local libraries.

This contact list cannot be sold, leased, shared, or rented personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of NTI. The information will be accessed by the City of Palo Alto and the County of Santa Clara only for purposes of community alerts and notification. 

The 9-1-1 database of all landline phones in the county is also automatically uploaded to the system and updated monthly. Primary residential and business phones in Palo Alto are also automatically included in the system. However, there is a chance the number is outdated or incorrect, or a resident may prefer to receive notifications through another method (email, text message, cell or a work number). 

The Everbridge system can store the individual contact information as separate records, even if they have the same address. Each record will have different contact information, and in the case that there are redundant phone numbers (i.e. same home phone) the system will only call that number once. Each resident in the same household can sign up via the web portal, enter in the same address and, in some cases, the same last name.
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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2017