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Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Plan Update

Each of us has a vision of what Palo Alto should be like in the future. Although our visions are different, they share common qualities. We aspire to create a safe, beautiful City for ourselves, our children, and future generations. We envision a City with diverse housing opportunities, where the natural environment is protected, where excellent services are provided, and where citizens have a say in government. We aspire to create a City that is economically healthy and a good place to do business.

The Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan strives to build a coherent vision of the City’s future from the visions of a diverse population. It integrates the aspirations of the City’s residents, businesses, neighborhoods, and officials into a bold strategy for managing change.


Comprehensive Plan Update

Council directed staff to work with the PTC to develop a work plan to amend the existing Comprehensive Plan and extend the horizon year of the Comp Plan through 2020.  The focus of the amendment would be to ensure the sufficient public services are available to serve new housing development and that sufficient land for neighborhood-serving retail uses is preserved.  

For more information, please navigate to the Comprehensive Plan Amendment website at:

Concept Plan Areas

As part of the Comprehensive Plan Update process, Palo Alto will prepare Concept Plans for two areas: the California Avenue neighborhood and the East Meadow Circle/Fabian Way neighborhood. Both areas have experienced some change over the past several years and will be studied to determine future land uses for inclusion in the amended Comprehensive Plan.

The Concept Plans will proceed in parallel to one another and will contain land use diagrams, policies and implementation measures specific to each area.  The process for developing the Concept Plans will include stakeholder outreach and a series of three neighborhood workshops in each area to identify key issues, develop land use alternatives and select a preferred alternative for future development. 

For the schedule of upcoming events and more detailed information about the Concept Plan Areas, please navigate to the Comprehensive Plan Amendment website at: