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SMART Energy Rebate Program

Palo Alto’s SMART Energy Rebate Program is here to assist in improving your home’s energy efficiency, helping to lower your energy costs while also creating a more comfortable living environment.  For information on interest free loans for some upgrades, look here:

NEW LIGHTING REBATES!  Residents can buy new ENERGY STAR-certified LED light bulbs and get rebates between $10 and $20 per qualifying bulb (up to 10 per year; must be purchased after December 1, 2011).  Apply through our online or downloadable rebate applications.

NOW YOU CAN APPLY ONLINE for all our rebates--click here.

Palo Alto’s rebates may also be used in conjunction with state and federal rebates.
If you purchase an energy-efficient product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Eligible measures, rebate amounts and more information is available at Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency.

Download our SMART Energy Program Rebate Application to determine eligibility, rebate amount and Palo Alto’s guidelines and requirements. Remember that you can not get both a rebate and a loan for a particular upgrade.

Buy a qualifying unit and apply for gas and electric rebates on the following items:  Ready to apply? Please follow the instructions on the application. Use the energy savings calculators to better understand how much energy and money a new appliance could save you!

Note: To get meaningful results when using the Energy Star Savings Calculators below, remember to plug in the applicable Palo Alto average (tiered) rate:  Electricity $0.12/kwh     Gas $1.86/therm     Water $4.46/ccf        

Savings Calculators for Thermostats, Compact Fluorescent Lighting, Freezers, and other household items are also available on-line from Energy Star.  

Home Energy Briefs for home systems and appliances are available from the
Rocky Mountain Institute.  More information on saving energy at home is available from the Alliance to Save Energy.

DOWNLOAD Program brochure & application form (
Interest free loan for some upgrades

  • Appliances must meet qualifications in order for you to receive a rebate.  You may not get both an interest free loan and a rebate for the same item.  Read the application to find out the appropriate qualifications 
  • Pool products eligible for rebates
    • variable speed pool controllers (PDF)
    •  variable speed pool pump motor (PDF)
    For additional information, call Utility Marketing Services at (650) 329-2241 or email us at

    How to Apply
    • Read the Terms and Conditions of the Palo Alto Smart Energy Program.  

      Obtain necessary permit through the City of Palo Alto Development Center. Please call (650) 329-2496 or visit the Development Center for permit information. City of Palo Alto permit must have final approval (for requested measures only) in order to receive rebate.Complete the Applicant, Installation and Rebate Calculation sections, then sign application which indicates your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
    • Submit proof of purchase and supporting documentation including:
      • Retailer/Contractor name, address and phone number.
      • Itemized listing of measures including purchase price, manufacturer’s name and product number.
      • Date of full payment and payment terms.
      • Documentation of efficiency levels.
      • If applicable, include City of Palo Alto permit with final approval(for required measures only) and/or certificate of insulation.
      Submit all documentation to: City of Palo Alto Utilities
      Attn: Utility Marketing Services
      PO Box 10250
      Palo Alto, CA 94303

Please keep a copy of all documents submitted; they will not be returned.  You will also need this documentation when applying for a federal tax credit on any measures.

Terms and Conditions

1. Rebates valid only on new/undamaged efficiency measures, purchased at retail price and installed in a residence within City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) service territory. Funding is on a first come, first served basis, or until funds are depleted. 

2. CPAU reserves the right to change, modify and reduce rebate levels, as well as add or drop efficiency measures at any time without prior notice. 

3. All qualifying measures must be purchased by residential Utility account holders (W1, E1, G1-Residential Services) for residential use only. Only accounts with active CPAU services are eligible to receive a rebate. Landlords must have an active house account, an active residential account in the past or proof of ownership. 

4. Applications must be postmarked and submitted no later than 90 days after purchase/install date. 

5. New construction projects are not eligible for insulation rebates. All other qualifying measures are available for rebates. 

6. Offer is limited to one (1) rebate per CPAU account per program period, for each qualifying measure (boiler and tankless water heater rebates cannot be combined). 

7. Qualifying measures previously rebated under any other CPAU program within the last five (5) years are not eligible. 

8. Rebates are issued on requested rebate amount or actual cost of measure, whichever is the lesser amount. 

9. Rebate less than $350 will appear as a credit on the CPAU utility account where qualifying measures were installed. Rebate will be processed within three (3) monthly billing cycles from the receipt of all required documentation. 

10. Failure to provide appropriate documentation will result in rebate ineligibility. CPAU reserves the right to validate all information, compliance of efficiency requirements, proof of purchase by City of Palo Alto resident and installation before issuing a rebate. 

11. CPAU disclaims any and all liability from taxes incurred or any property damage or loss that may arise as a result of the applicant’s or contractor’s participation in this program. 

12. CPAU is not responsible for claims regarding program dates, guidelines or efficiency levels made by contractors, retailers or other third parties. Final determination of rebate eligibility will be governed by the Terms and Conditions. 

13. CPAU is not responsible for items lost or delayed in the mail, nor any remittance delayed due to incorrect rebate applications. An incomplete application cannot be processed and will be returned.

14.  You may not get both an interest free loan and a rebate for the same item. 

All rebate requests must include:

(a) proof of payment of measures including purchase price, manufacturer's name and product number,

(b) documentation of efficiency levels,

(c) signed application agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, and

(d) City of Palo Alto permits must have final approval for requested measure only or Certificate of Insulation when applicable.

Verification:  All efficiency levels are subject to verification before rebates will be issued. For verification of ENERGY STAR® rated measures go to