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Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan

The Palo Alto Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan was adopted in July 2012.  The Plan identifies objectives for the expansion of bicycle and pedestrian goals for the City.  The City has a goal of expanding all work commute trips by 2020 to 15%.  The City already realizes an average 44% high school student commuter population in part to the past efforts to provide bicycle-friendly infrastructure within the community.  This supports additional goals for the city to encourage life-long appreciation for bicycle commuting to support healthy living and preserve global climate change.

To download a copy of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan or the Proposed Network Map, please select the appropriate link:

Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation
Proposed Palo Alto
Bicycle Network
Santa Clara County Bicycle Plan
The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) maintains the Santa Clara Countywide Bicycle Plan (CBP).  The CBP guides the development of major bicycling facilities across the County.  Click Here for additional information on the Santa Clara Countywide Bicycle Plan. 

Santa Clara County Bicycle Expenditure Plan
The Bicycle Expenditure Plan (BEP) is the primary funding program for bicycle projects within Santa Clara County.  The VTA maintains the BEP list and prioritizes projects for funding.  Click Here for additional information on the BEP Program. 

Bicycle Design Reference Manuals
Many bicycle design guidelines or best practice manuals are available and supported by the City of Palo Alto, including:

Palo Alto Bicycle Plan
Click Here to view the Palo Alto Design Guidelines & Standards from the Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation.  The guidelines were adopted in 2012 but Palo Alto continues to identify and implement Best Practices for the community. 

VTA Bicycle Technical
Click Here to view the Santa Clara County Bicycle Technical Guidelines.

Click Here to view the Nation Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Bike way Design Guide. 

( View the previous Bicycle Transportation Plan (Adopted 2003) )