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Bicycle Commuting/Lockers

Bicycle Lockers
City of Palo Alto bicycle lockers are available for rental at the California Avenue Caltrain station and at several locations in the Downtown business district. The rental fee is $6.00 per month, payable every 6 months. For more information call the Transportation Division at 650-329-2520 or see:

Caltrain also rents bike lockers at the California Avenue and Palo Alto Caltrain stations. For rental information, call 650-508-6350.

Palo Alto Bikestation

The Bikestation is located at the Palo Alto Caltrain station and, offers a secure and convenient way for more commuters to combine cycling with transit at one of Caltrain's busiest stops.

The Palo Alto Bikestation closed in November 2004, during renovations to the historic depot building. The City of Palo Alto secured funding from the Caltrans Bicycle Transportation Account to equip the facility with round-the-clock electronic key access and a double-tier bicycle rack that can accommodate 96 bicycles.

Bikes on Caltrain
Most trains can accommodate 32 bicycles in a special bike car. For more information see

Bikes on Buses
VTA buses are equipped with bicycle racks that can accommodate two bikes. For more information, see

Last Updated June 13, 2007