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Mayor Scharff Reaffirms Commitment to Paris Agreement

The Trump Administration has moved forward with its formal notice to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, which is the next step in President Trump’s contentious decision to retreat from the global climate pact. Since the Administration first announced their intentions in June, local governments, including Palo Alto, have reaffirmed their commitment to advance climate change resolutions and moved forward with their own initiatives and policies. More than 365 mayors, including Mayor Scharff, have signed on and declared to uphold the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Palo Alto will continue its efforts as a sustainability leader and a city that recognizes the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Just recently, we celebrated the addition of new solar panels on parking garages downtown and dozens of electric vehicle charging stations that will be powered by the renewable energy generated on-site. We’ve set a goal to achieve four percent of our total electric consumption from local solar by 2023. These are important local measures that support our community’s belief about the real crisis posed by climate change and the importance of reaching our goals to curb global warming. 

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Last Updated August 7, 2017