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Community Input Needed to Design Palo Alto's Caltrain Corridor

The City of Palo Alto is seeking community input on Connecting Palo Alto, a citywide effort to design the future of our Caltrain rail corridor, which will impact the livability of our city for many generations. Over the next 18 months, a number of decisions will need to be made about the design of existing rail crossings where cars, bikes, pedestrians, transit vehicles, and emergency responders cross the rail corridor. 

We invite you to click on the Connection Palo Alto survey link here to complete a seven-item questionnaire.

Your feedback is vital to this effort and should take less than 15 minutes of your time.

The questionnaire was created to hear your ideas and feedback as we develop elements of grade separation alternatives. Grade separations are locations where the roadway goes over or under the railroad tracks, and the tracks either remain where they are, or are lowered or raised.

We recognize that some residents are new to this rail corridor planning process, while others may have already been engaged in prior planning efforts. We hope that as many community members as possible weigh in on these important questions so that we may receive broad feedback.

City staff plans to share the responses to this questionnaire with the Planning and Transportation Commission, City Council Rail Committee, and the City Council following the summer break. The responses will also be used to help inform the conversation at our next Rail Corridor Community Workshop in September, where we will collectively develop and evaluate grade separation alternatives.

For more information about Connecting Palo Alto, including materials from our first workshop, visit: 

To sign up for updates, please enter your contact information here.

Comments, questions or concerns about the Rail Program, can be sent to: or call (650) 329-2520.

Last Updated July 6, 2017