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Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project Set to Break Ground

The first phase of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety and Bicycle Boulevard Project, designed to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety and connectivity for people biking and walking in Palo Alto, is on track to begin this summer. This project is part of the City's Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan that includes a core network of shared paths, bikeways, and traffic calming streets, with the goal to increase bicycle traffic for local and work commute trips by 100 percent by 2020. 

Identifying and prioritizing the development of a bicycle boulevard network is a key component of the Plan that was adopted in July 2012 as part of the Transportation Element of the City’s overall Comprehensive Plan. The Transportation Element specifically addresses congestion, with policies aimed at reducing automobile dependency, increasing travel alternatives, and encouraging fewer trips. This is an issue Palo Alto has been at the forefront of, pioneering the first bicycle boulevard in 1982. At that time it converted residential Bryant Street, north of East Meadow Drive, into a street that prioritized bicycle travel. Today that street is known as the Ellen Fletcher Bicycle Boulevard.

The first phase of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety and Bicycle Boulevard Project consists of more than seven-miles of traffic calming measures on Amarillo Avenue, Bryant Street, East Meadow Drive, Montrose Avenue, Moreno Avenue, Louis Road, Palo Alto Avenue, and Ross Road. Some of the traffic calming measures include:

• Raised, high-visibility intersections and crosswalks
• Traffic circles
• ADA curb ramps at crosswalks
• Shared-use path connecting to Ohlone Elementary School
• Removing or flipping STOP signs

The second phase of the project will include similar design features and is anticipated to begin summer 2018. This phase will include traffic calming and bicycle boulevard improvements on the Bryant Street Extension, Maybell Avenue, Stanford Avenue, Park Boulevard, and Wilkie Way. 

You can find the full Staff report here.

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017