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Get a Library Card

Any resident of California can get a library card with the proper id.  Sign up online (click on the "Get a Library Card" button) or print and fill out the pdf form.  Then come to any Palo Alto library and bring the following:

  • Valid picture I.D. (driver's license, California ID card, passport, school ID)
  • Proof of current address, if not shown on ID (checkbook, mail, rental/lease agreement, etc.)
  • If applicant is under 14, parent or guardian's signature and driver's license information is required.
  • A library card is free, including replacement cards.
With your card you can...

  • borrow as many books, magazines, and tapes as you can carry (100 is the actual limit), up to 3 Books-on-CD and up to 15 DVDs.
  • keep materials for 4 weeks (DVDs for 2 weeks)
  • request items and get email when they are available. There's a limit of 10 items on request at one time.
  • search for articles in over 30 online databases, FREE!
  • download digital ebooks to read on your computer or handheld device.
  • surf the Internet on library pcs, on your own personal laptop connected to the wireless network at the libraries, or borrow a loaner laptop to use in the library!
  • renew materials three times, as long as no one is waiting. You can renew online.  Renewals are calculated from the day you renew the item.  Most materials will be due 28 days (4 weeks) from the renewal date, with DVDs being due 14 days (2 weeks) from the renewal date.
  • receive email notices prior to your items being due.

Fines and Fees are....

  • 30 cents per day per item with a maximum of $9.00 accrued.
  • when an item is lost (6 weeks overdue) the customer will be charged a $5.00 billing fee + the cost of the item.  The billing fee will be in addition to the accrued fines.  Replacement copies are not accepted.
  • Interlibrary Loan Fee is $25.00 per item
  • Flash drives are $12.00 each
  • Headphones for use at Public PCs are $3.00 each

( Online Library Card Application )

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017