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Stanford to Hold Community Meeting on Campus Development Plans through 2035

Stanford University will hold a Community Forum in Palo Alto on Jan. 25 at 6 p.m. at the Mitchell Park Community Center to inform neighbors about the components of the General Use Permit (GUP) application, which calls for adding up to 2.2 million new square feet of academic facilities and up to 3,150 new on-campus housing units for students, staff and faculty.

The GUP is an update of the previously 2000 General Use Permit that spells out specific quantities of academic facilities and housing, as well as conditions of approval.

The GUP application does not detail specific projects or buildings that might be constructed on campus, but Stanford says that in addition to providing more on-campus housing, the proposal would allow Stanford to continue evolving its academic facilities to meet modern research and teaching needs. In doing so, Stanford would continue to follow a compact infill development strategy that preserves the existing campus footprint, protects natural resources and produces no net increase in automobile commute trips to the campus.

The City Council will conduct a study session on the GUP at its meeting on Monday, Feb. 6, and the City will be also submitting a response letter. 

You can find a link to the upcoming meetings and more information about Stanford's GUP application here.

Hard copies of the application are also available at Palo Alto Libraries and Stanford’s Green Library.