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Library Pilots Future Technologies in 2017

Palo Alto City Library has received another Pacific Library Partnership (PLP) Innovation grant to bring fresh ideas to library service.

The 2017 PLP Innovation grant will be used to test drive 2 technology advancements:

  • 2 greeter robots
  • Design-oriented computer workstation to assist the 3D-printing process

These 2 technology experiments aim to create learning opportunities for library customers and staff, opening a door to explore possibilities in the future of library services.

The robots will be programmed as greeters, providing directional assistance such as locating copy machines or restrooms.

The design workstation will pair with the library's 3D printers to show users the design process from concept through iteration to final physical production.

Previous PLP Innovation grants awarded to the Palo Alto City Library funded the 2015-2016 Teen Summer Maker+ Program & the launch of BikePALS, delivering pop-up library service to the community.
Learn more about BikePALS.

For more information, read the press release.

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017