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Study on Airplane Noise Moves Ahead

The City Council approved a contract on Feb. 8 with Freytag & Associates for a technical study on air traffic noise over Palo Alto that has increasingly impacted quality of life for residents.  As part of the technical study, Freytag & Associates will analyze data of aircraft noise and make recommendations for alternatives to reduce noise.  The review committee selected Freytag as they provide expertise in air space noise measurement, monitoring and modeling, as well as the ability to provide consultation services to air traffic control and Next Generation Air Transportation (NextGen). 

The City has been working with Sky Posse, (a local community advocacy group) and others to address the increasing air traffic noise.  On Nov. 16, 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration released an Initiative to Address Noise Concerns in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties, which is a significant departure from the FAA's typical response to local noise concerns.  Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has been especially involved in advocating on behalf of Palo Alto and the region with the FAA, the San Francisco International Airport Community Roundtable and other organizations.  To date, the City has twice with the FAA through Congresswoman Eshoo’s office.  The cost of the study is $237,500.  For more information, go to