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Reporting Spills, Dumping, and Back-Ups

The Regional Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP) treats wastewater for the East Palo Alto Sanitary District, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Stanford. However, different agencies handle stormwater, collection system, and spill response issues in these cities.  Below is a list of City agencies in our service area that can be contacted.

Reporting Spills, Dumping, and Back-Ups In Palo Alto

The following information is for Palo Alto residents only!

Call to Report Hazardous Spills:
If you notice any unusual substance in or around a storm drain, or if you see someone dumping anything into a storm drain, don't wait! Call the City of Palo Alto 24-hour communications line at 650-329-2413 immediately.

Call the City at 650-329-2413 if you see any spill of a potentially hazardous material in or around a street, or gutter, in or around local creeks or the Bay, or elsewhere in the outdoor environment.
If you find out that hazardous materials have been dumped in the sewer system, call the Regional Water Quality Control Plant at 650-329-2598.

Call if a Sewer Line is Blocked:
Call the Utilities Emergency Line: 650-329-2579

Note: If your drains back up because roots are clogging the sewer line, use mechanical root removal, not crystal-form root killers you flush down the toilet. Mechanical root removal is the most environmentally sound method of controlling roots in sewer pipes. Use of crystal-form, copper-based root killers have been banned in the Bay Area. They are also not as effective as mechanical removal, and they contribute significant amounts of copper (which is toxic to marine life) to the Bay's sensitive ecosystem.

Call for a Clogged Storm Drain:
In an emergency (flooding imminent), call the Utilities Emergency Line at 650-329-2579

If it's not an emergency, call Storm Drain Maintenance at 650-496-6974

Reporting Spills, Dumping, and Back-Ups in Cities Other Than Palo Alto

  • East Palo Alto Sanitary District
    Back-Ups 650-325-9021
    Storm Drains 650-853-3189
    Spills and Dumping 650-325-9021
    RWQCP(Sewer) 650-329-2598
  • Los Altos
    Back-Ups 650-947-2785 / 650-947-2770
    Storm Drains 650-948-0482 / 650-948-8223
    Spills and Dumping 911
    RWQCP(Sewer) 650-329-2598
  • Los Altos Hills
    Back-Ups 650-941-7222 / 408-299-3233
    Storm Drains 650-941-7222 / 408-299-3233
    Spills and Dumping 911
    RWQCP(Sewer) 650-329-2598
  • Mountain View
    Back-Ups 650-903-6329
    Storm Drains 650-903-6329
    Spills and Dumping 650-903-6329 
    RWQCP(Sewer) 650-329-2598
  • Stanford
    Back-Ups 650-723-2281 (Work Control)
    Storm Drains 650-723-2281 (Work Control)
    Spills and Dumping 650-723-2281 (Work Control)
    RWQCP(Sewer) 650-329-2598