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3159 El Camino Real

Current Status
Project proposal will go to City Council November 18, 2013.

Project Description
The proposed Site and Design Review application includes four parcels located at 3159, and 3127 El Camino Real, the vacant lot on the corner of El Camino Real and Acacia Avenue, and the existing parking structure on Portage Avenue. The components of this project include:

3159 El Camino Real
• Construction of a new four-story, 55 foot tall, mixed use building totaling  
    74,122 square feet of floor area;
• The proposed uses include 42,860 sq. ft. of residential square footage for  
    48 rental apartment units, and 31,262 sq. ft. of commercial square footage 
    for office, retail, restaurant, and commercial recreation uses.
• Retention of the existing one-story 6,616 square feet of commercial 
    recreation (Equinox) building, and the existing parking structure with 
    elevated pool on Portage Avenue;
• Demolition of the “we Fix Macs building;
• A total of 216 parking spaces would be provided in one level of basement 
    parking and at the above grade parking deck. A total of 196 of these 
    spaces would be provided within 11 puzzle parking lifts;
• Two DEE’s, one for 5 feet in additional height, and the second for 
    alleviation for  the Portage Avenue build to line of 2.5 feet; 
• State concession of 4,619 square feet of floor area in exchange for 
    providing 5 (10%) Below Market Rate rental units.

Project Plans

Plans dated Received on June 12, 2013

Review process and tentative schedule
Planning and Transportation Commission Review July 10, 2013

Hearings and Staff Reports

P&TC Staff report for July 10, 2013

Other items

Application Form

Traffic Analysis

Environmental Review
An Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration have been prepared for the project and the 30 day public review and comment period began on May 31, 2013. The environmental analysis notes there are a few potentially significant impacts that would require mitigation measures to reduce them to a less than significant level. These include mitigations for dust control during excavation, protection for nesting birds, building design for earthquake resistance, basement shoring, a Health and Safety Plan for construction workers, a Remedial Risk Management Plan, collection of additional soil samples, installation of a vapor barrier, vapor collection, and venting system, third party inspection of vapor barrier and venting system, a Groundwater Mitigation Plan, development of a Groundwater Extraction design, technical documents uploaded to the appropriate agencies, and the addition of a southbound West Charleston Road right turn overlap signal phase.

Questions/Comments – Please contact the Project Planner

Russ Reich, Senior Planner