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City to Flintco Pacific: Immediate and Dramatic Change in Work Performance is Required

On May 2, 2013 the City of Palo Alto notified Flintco Pacific, the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center ( Mitchell ) construction contractor, that immediate and dramatic change in their performance is required. If the time frames in the attached letter for commencement and completion of specified work are not met, the City will begin the default process which ultimately could result in replacing Flintco with a new contractor to finish the job at the earliest possible date. The project is just over one year behind schedule and the pace of construction is unacceptably slow. Flintco must submit a series of plans and schedules by May 16 for fixing defective work and commencing work in areas where progress is stalled or unacceptably slow. Failure to do so will trigger additional action by the City. While it would be best for the City and its residents if Flintco responds with renewed commitment and resources and completes the work, we will not tolerate the current pace. We have steadfastly demanded the highest quality, and we are also insisting on increased resources from Flintco so that the Library and Community Center can be open to the public by the end of 2013. Our staff/consultant team is laser-focused on this goal. The 3-building complex will be an amazing addition to our community, and we continue to be excited to bring it on line at the earliest possible date.

For additional information, visit the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center project page.