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University Avenue Beautification Project

Project Completed
The University Avenue Downtown Beautification Project was complete April 26, 2013. Work was completed two weeks ahead of schedule and on budget. The City of Palo Alto Public Works Department would like to thank the businesses and community for their support of this project.

Project Overview
The University Avenue Downtown Beautification Project shall begin February 11, 2013 and will focus on retrofitting the tree well planters irrigation system and enhanced planting scheme from Webster Street to Alma Street. This project is in response to several irrigation line breaks caused by tree root damage along the downtown portion of University Avenue and will address the efficiency of the system by upgrading the existing spray heads with a water conscious drip irrigation system. Construction work will focus around the tree well planters and will result in the closure of approximately 10 vehicle and 5 motorcycle stalls per block per phase.  Project phases are anticipated to last from 1-2 working weeks (per plan below). This beautification project will be overseen by the City of Palo Alto Public Works Department, and be conducted by a private contractor.

Project Goals

• Enhance the beauty of University Avenue
• Repair existing irrigation breaks
• Water conservation
• Increase efficiency of the irrigation system
• Minimize future maintenance
• Minimize impact to the Downtown businesses

The Problem
• Continuous root intrusion causing breaks in the irrigation line and vales are inaccessible
• Water overspray onto the street from inefficient spray heads
• On-going repairs at tree wells planters extremely difficult due to small planting size
The Solution
• Replace lateral irrigation lines at each tree well and install in a protective sleeve
• Replace inefficient spray heads and valves by installing a drip irrigation system
• Install a drip line at the surface of each tree well to reduce and simplify future maintenance.
• Beautify the streetscape, by preserving existing trees and use drought tolerant plants

Stay Informed
Questions or comments concerning this project can be sent to or
Peter Jensen at 650-617-3183 

Project Timeline

Work Planned


Project Start Date

February 11, 2013

Phased Irrigation repair work

February — April



Project Completion Date

May 10-2013

Work Phase Plan

Proposed Planting Plan