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California Avenue Streetscape Project

California Avenue Business District Survey

The City recently conducted a survey to determine the effectiveness of outreach in the California Avenue Business District during construction of the California Avenue Streetcar Project. For survey results and summary, click here.


The California Avenue Streetcar Project includes improvements between El Camino Real and the Caldron Station at Park Avenue. The purpose of this project is to help revitalize the street by providing modern street design and amenities that will support the creation of a vibrant pedestrian- and bike -oriented commercial and residential district that builds upon existing public art amenities.

The City anticipates both daytime and nighttime construction activities to expedite the construction schedule and to minimize business impacts from the project. The City plans to maintain vehicle and pedestrian access to the area at all times during construction. Furthermore, the city has hired a construction firm to provide regular updates to the surrounding community and create a point of contact that will be available to address any concerns.

Construction Look Ahead Schedule for the Week of March 2 thru March 6, 2015

The contractor will continue work on the north side of California Avenue between Birch and Park, near Norge Cleaners. The work will include roadway section, curb, gutter and sidewalk. The area will also be prepped this week for concrete pouring. 

The contractor will be pouring the remaining sidewalk between Ash to Birch and complete forming and pouring the curb and gutter. Streetlight foundations will also be poured on both the north and south side.

Work will also continue on the plaza. They will be grading the area and continue preparations for the new fountain. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be detoured safely around these areas.

Upcoming Work For March 5 & 6: The contractor will be closing southbound Birch (just south of California Avenue) on Friday, March 6, 2015 in order to restore a road section at the southwest corner of Birch and California Avenue. This closure is necessary for safety purposes as the contractor will be working on the roadway in the section. This work is expected to be completed by the end of the day. Detours will be in place.

In order to expedite work in advance of the upcoming paving and grinding operations, the Contractor will be working this coming Saturday, March 7, 2015. Work will include pouring the remaining sidewalk areas between Ash and Birch (both north and south sides). In addition, Contractor will be working on electrical work near the Plaza at Park Blvd. Work is scheduled to begin at 8 am.

Your cooperation is appreciated and will ensure that a safe pedestrian path remains open during construction.

Work this week will also include:

  • Trenching for irrigation and electrical lines/streetlights between Ash and Birch (south side) and between Ash and El Camino Real .
  • Work will begin on trench crossings beginning near El Camino and preceding east toward the plaza.
  • New streetlight and pedestrian lights will be illuminated, as removal of the old streetlights takes place. 

Work affecting Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic:

  • Single lane of traffic in both directions between the Plaza and El Camino Real .
  • Traffic will be rerouted/detoured around the plaza at times.
  • Parking will be restricted  on  the block around the plaza and between Ash and Birch (north and south side).
  • Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained at all times. 


  • Jack hammering will take place between  Ash and Birch(south side) and between Park and Birch (north side).
  • Forming for the curb and gutter will include hammering with hand held hammers and the whine of electric saws.
  • Expect general construction equipment noise from dump and trucks, excavators, and concrete delivery vehicles.
  • A sweeper truck should be onsite at the end of each day.

Work will generally occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The contractor might begin working on Saturdays in order to expedite work. A daily quiet period will continue from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day. As a reminder, " quiet time" means no loud construction noise such as, saw cutting, jack hammering, and excavating. The City has asked the Contractor to comply to "quiet time.  We understand the importance of keeping businesses and patrons happy and appreciate everyone's patience during this time.

If you have any questions regarding this work, please contact Project Inspectors James Beauchamp at (650) 302-1402 or Charlie Hayler at (916) 472-9122.


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