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Energy/Compost Facility Consideration

Update: The Palo Alto City Council will consider the Energy/Compost recommendations contained in Staff Report ID#4550 at its April 29, 2014 meeting (which was changed from April 28, 2014).  The following are new, closely-related documents which are not included in Staff Report ID#4550 which will also be of interest:

Draft Biosolids Facilities Plan
RFP 153692 Program Management Services for RWQCP
(for official information on the RFP and all Addenda visit

End of April 15, 2014 Update

On February 10, 2014, staff presented to Council a Measure "E" Update:  The Energy/Compost Facility Request for Proposals (E/CF RFP) Identified Pricing for Privately-Funded Projects and Technologies to Jointly Handle Food Scraps, Yard Trimmings and Biosolids and Considered Processing at the Regional Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP) and/or Using the 10-Acre Measure E Site as well as Export Options.  A summary of the E/CF RFP Proposals, Integration with the Biosolids Facility Plan and a Proposed Organics Plan are included in this staff report.

Background:  On November 8, 2011 Palo Alto voters approved Measure "E", which undedicated 10 acres of Byxbee Park adjacent to the sewage treatment plant (the Regional Water Quality Control Plant or RWQCP) for a ten year period while an Energy/Compost Facility is considered for the site.  The facility could, if approved, utilize food scraps, yard trimmings and wastewater solids in the production of energy and compost. 

The Facility Consideration webpage is the third in a series of webpages which are designed to keep the public informed as an Energy/Compost Facility in Palo Alto is considered.  The first tracked the work of the Compost Blue Ribbon Task Force.  The second website tracked the development and finalization of the Energy/Compost Feasibility Study and the Environmental Impact Initial Study.

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