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Library Begins Using Services of Collection Agency

The Palo Alto City Library will begin using the services of a collection agency starting in March, 2011.

Over 1.6 million items are borrowed each year from the Palo Alto City Library and most are returned by the date due.  However, because a few Library customers do not respond in a timely manner to requests to return materials, the Palo Alto City Library will begin working with a collection agency to encourage Library customers to return books and other items so that others may use them.

  • DUE IN 2 DAYS:  A pre-overdue email notice is sent 2 days before the item is due
  • 10 DAYS PAST DUE:  An overdue notice is sent
  • 42 DAYS PAST DUE:  A billing notice is sent as the item is set to Lost
  • 60 DAYS PAST DUE: The Library forwards your account to a collection agency. A non-refundable $10 service charge is added to your account. The collection agency contacts you to request materials return or payment.
  • 165 DAYS PAST DUE:  The collection agency reports your overdue account to a national credit bureau, which may affect your credit rating for up to seven years.

Customers can pay outstanding fines and fees over the web.  For more information on the Collections Agency program, please contact your local library at 650-329-2436 or read the press release.

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