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As part of the City's ongoing commitment to improve the City website, staff enlisted a group of community volunteers to serve on a Website Advisory Committee with the goal of producing a set of recommendations to address concerns raised by citizens and enhance the overall website user-experience. The Website Advisory Committee, comprised of a select group of dedicated community volunteers, has met regularly during the past three years to help City staff with the creation of our present website.

Below you will find statistics about the performance of this site. The statistics are updated on a monthly basis for the prior month's activity. To the left are buttons to take you to information about the ongoing maintenance of this website, Ways to contact the City of Palo Alto about this website, and legal information.

Data For Month of July 2016

Quick Facts
Visits 168,555
Unique Visitors 110,572
Pageviews 349,628
Visits Per Day 5,437
Pages / Visit 2.07
Avg. Visit Duration 1:58 min
% New Visits 53%

The "Quick Facts" section provides "at a glance" information about this website.

Note: When somebody comes to this website, that constitutes a "visit". If the same person (from the same computer) visits again, that visit is counted again, but the "Unique Visitors" number does not increment, it counts two visits from the same computer in a certain period as one visit.

Top Pages
PageUnique Views
Library 32,736
Home Page 20,315
Aquatics 10,833
My Account 8,379
Site Search 8,182
Junior Museum & Zoo 5,419
OverAir City Wireless 4,506
Utilities 4,463
Departments 3,878
Animal Services 3,292
Foothills Park 3,018
Children's Theatre 2,844
City of Palo Alto - Calendar2,620
Twilight Concerts 2,402
Chili Cook-off 2,393

With website metrics, a trend is generally more useful than any one snapshot in time. This information can be very useful in helping City Staff to determine what information visitors are looking for the most.

The Home Page of this site has a "Most Popular" corner, but it is a curated list, whereas these results are based on raw data.

Top Referring Keywords
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city of palo alto gas leak survey

When visitors come to the website as a result of a Google search, analytics captures the terms the visitor entered to find the site. This report helps City Staff determine visitor's interests in both the short (monthly) and long (annual) term.

New site content is one outcome of analysis of this report. Another outcome is the addition of keywords to commonly sought after pages to make them more easily found by a search.

Mobile Devices
Apple iPhone33,561
Apple iPad8,216
Google Nexus 5X1,048
Unknown 860
Samsung SM-G900V606
Samsung SM-G920V523
Google Nexus 6P449
Samsung SM-G900A422
Google Nexus 5406
Samsung SM-G900P379
Google Nexus 6339
Samsung SM-G930V280
Microsoft Xbox One277
Samsung SM-G920A270
Samsung SM-N920V267

This month, mobile devices accounted for 31% of website visits.

Mobile devices users are an increasingly important website visitor segment.

Internet Explorer13%
Safari (in-app)2%

As of February 2015, Wikipedia ranks global browser popularity:

Chrome, 49%
Internet Explorer, 19%
Firefox, 17%
Safari, 10%
Mobile, 33%

Last Updated: Feb 4, 2016