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Charleston/Arastradero Corridor Project

The Charleston-Arastradero Corridor is a
high volume, 2.3 mile roadway serving eleven schools, several parks, shopping centers, commercial uses, a library, day care centers, non-profit organizations, and two community centers.  The corridor extends from East Charleston Road at Fabian Way to Arastradero Road at Gunn High School (see project map).  

Public Works Engineering staff hosted a community meeting on Wednesday, March 2nd to present the initial concepts to the public. For more information view meeting invitation here. Below are the links to the presentation and plans presented at the meeting.

Community Meeting Presentation March, 2, 2016

Charleston/Arastradero Corridor Project Proposed Landscaping Palette Plans

The concept plan line was approved by the City Council on Monday, September 28, 2015. The staff report and revised plans are provided below:

Staff Report for City Council 9/28/15

Concept Plan Line Part 1 of 3

Concept Plan Line Part 2 of 3

Concept Plan Line Part 3 of 3

The preferred plan line concept for the project was presented to the Planning and Transportation Commission at their meeting on April 29. The Commission heard a presentation outlining the highlights of the project followed public comments from 26 pubic speakers. Following a discussion of the merits of the project it was voted 6-0 in favor of passing this plan onto the City Council for their approval. The presentation can be viewed here.

Staff Report for Planning and Transportation Commission, 4/29/15

Charleston/Arastradero Plans (Part 1 of 2)

Charleston/Arastradero Plans (Part 2 of 2)

The City presented plan line concept to various City groups including the Palo Alto Bicycle Advisory Commission and PTA groups from schools along the corridor in February and March 2015. The presentation can be found here. The next step in the project will be presenting the plan line to the Planning and Transportation Commission in April.

Map 1 -
Foothill Expressway to Hubbartt Drive
Map 1A Los Altos Bike Path
Map 2 - Willmar Drive to Suzanne Drive
Map 3 - McKellar Lane to Wilkie Way
Map 4 - Ruthelma Avenue to Carlson Court
Map 5 - Carlson Court to Grove Avenue
Map 6 - Grove Avenue to Fabian Way

Project History:

In response to concerns about bicycle and pedestrian safety, a conceptual plan to reduce lanes from four to two was developed and was approved for trial by City Council in  2004. 

In 2006, Phase 1 of the plan was implemented on Charleston Road from Fabian to El Camino Real together with improvements at the Gunn High School/Arastradero intersection.  In 2010, the Phase 2 trial project on the Arastradero Road section of the Charleston-Arastradero Road Corridor was implemented between El Camino Real and Gunn High School. Council approved the permanent retention of the new lane configurations on Charleston in 2008 and on Arastradero in 2012.

In March 2014, the City entered into a contract with Mark Thomas & Co. to develop preliminary designs and complete the project’s environmental assessment. The project advances the Complete Street elements of the Charleston Road-Arastradero Road Trial Projects including: new landscaped island medians; intersection bulb-outs to help reduce pedestrian crossing distances; enhanced bike lanes and bikeway facilities; new street trees; new streetlights; and streetscape treatments.  The preliminary design phase of the project is intended to build consensus around community-preferred improvements before initiating final design. 

In May 2014, the City hosted two community workshops. The presentation given at these workshops can be found
here. Public comments were collected at these two community workshops and were used to guide the plan line designs created for the project. The comments and responses can be found here.

The City hosted another community workshop in November to review the plan line concepts / alternatives and gather public comments on these plans:

Map 1 - Miranda Ave to Hubbartt Drive
Map 2 - Hubbartt Drive to Suzanne Drive
Map 3 - Suzanne Drive to Wilkie Way
Map 4 - Wilkie Way to Carlson Court
Map 5 - Carlson Court to Sutherland Drive
Map 6 - Sutherland Drive to Fabian Way

The presentation from the meeting can be accessed here.

The workshop flyer mailed to residents near the corridor can be found here.

This project is being managed by the Engineering Services Division of the City’s Public Works Department. To contact us with any questions about the project please call 650.329.2295 or email

Resource Documents

Charleston / Arastradero Corridor Project - Mitigated Negative Declaration (2004) 

Charleston Road Trial Striping Approval:

     -   City Council Staff Report, May 12, 2008

    -   Planning & Transportation Commission Meeting Staff Report, April 30, 2008 

Arastradero Road Trial Striping Approval:

City Council Staff Report, October 1, 2012


Last Updated: Mar 4, 2016
Charleston-Arastradero Corridor Plan
In April 2003, a Charleston-Arastradero Corridor Plan was initiated to address vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and to enhance the residential character of the corridor.
The Charleston-Arastradero Corridor in south Palo Alto is a high volume, 2.3 mile roadway serving 11 schools and lined with private residences, commercial uses, and non-profits. The corridor extends from East Charleston Road at Fabian Way to Arastradero Road at Miranda Avenue. Charleston Road and Arastradero Road each have four (4) through vehicle lanes and there are ten (10) signalized intersections along the corridor.
Revision Date: 6/19/2007
Revision Date: 10/14/2010
Community Notice - Arastradero Paving - August 13, 2010
Revision Date: 8/13/2010
The final plan, approved by the City Council in January 2004, includes additional street trees, landscaped medians, street furniture and other landscape architecture to enhance and make the features of the trial permanent.
Revision Date: 6/19/2007
This report, distributed in 2000 by the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic, evaluates the effects of roadway changes on the safety, use and traffic effects on Valencia.
Revision Date: 6/19/2007