Charleston/Arastradero Corridor Project

The Charleston-Arastradero Corridor is a high volume, 2.3 mile roadway serving 11 schools, several parks, shopping centers, commercial uses, a library, day care centers, non-profits, and two community centers.  The corridor extends from East Charleston Road at Fabian Way to Arastradero Road at Gunn High School (see project map).  In 2006, Phase 1 of the plan was implemented on Charleston Road from Fabian to El Camino Real together with improvements at the Gunn High School/Arastradero intersection.  In summer 2009, City Council approved the plan for the Phase 2 trial project on the Arastradero Road section of the Charleston/Arastradero Road Corridor

Phase 2 – Arastradero Road Improvements

Trial Construction Period:  August 2010 to August 2011

The Arastradero Road – Trial Restriping project between El Camino Real and Gunn High School was implemented in August 2010 and includes a lane reduction through select roadway segments with new left-turn storage lanes for enhanced neighborhood access. Two main elements of the project were temporarily delayed until Spring 2011 but are currently under construction:

- Traffic Signal Modification at Arastradero Rd & Coulombe Dr
- Enhanced Pedestrian Crosswalk at Arastradero Rd & Clemo Dr

The traffic signal modification at Arastradero Rd & Coulombe Dr is scheduled for completion in March 2011 and will provide ADA-compliance handicap ramps and longer traffic signal mast arms to better align vehicle signals with vehicle travel lanes.  The enhanced pedestrian crosswalk at Arastradero Rd & Clemo Dr will be completed in February and will provide a new marked crosswalk with a median island for refuge and a pedestrian-activated flashing beacon system.

A newly constructed median island at Arastradero Rd & Hubbart St helps to channelize traffic on Arastradero Rd and houses a new vehicle speed feedback sign for westbound Arastradero Rd traffic to encourage vehicle speed reductions by advising motorists that are traveling to fast of their vehicle speeds.  A second speed sign at the same intersection but along the sidewalk was also installed for eastbound traffic.  These signs were proposed by the City in October at the first post-construction community meeting.

  Arastradero Rd & Alta Mesa-McKeller Ln Improvements

New roadway striping modifications will also be implemented in March including an extension of the two westbound Arastradero Rd lanes that currently end just past El Camino Real to west of Alta Mesa.  This new striping should assist Charleston Rd traffic to better cross El Camino Real by providing additional vehicle storage capacity on the street.  A time-of-day parking restriction along the north side of Arastradero Rd will also help to better facilitate bicycle traffic through the Alta Mesa intersection.

Post Construction Community Meetings
The City is conducting regular monitoring of the Arastradero Rd Trial Restriping project including the collection of vehicle volume/speed traffic data.  The first post-construction community meeting was held on October 21, 2010.  A second community meeting to discuss the project was held on Thursday, June 2, 2011. Please check this website regularly for additional community meeting information. 

To view the June 2, 2011 presentation, click here.

To view the October 21, 2010 presentation, click here.
To view the meeting notes, click here.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Arastradero Road - Trial Restriping project, please send your written comments via email to:

Charleston/Arastradero Final Concept

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2013
Arastradero Road Construction Update: Street Paving & Restriping
Expect temporary loss of parking as construction activities progress through August 2010.

Charleston-Arastradero Corridor Plan
In April 2003, a Charleston-Arastradero Corridor Plan was initiated to address vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and to enhance the residential character of the corridor.
The Charleston-Arastradero Corridor in south Palo Alto is a high volume, 2.3 mile roadway serving 11 schools and lined with private residences, commercial uses, and non-profits. The corridor extends from East Charleston Road at Fabian Way to Arastradero Road at Miranda Avenue. Charleston Road and Arastradero Road each have four (4) through vehicle lanes and there are ten (10) signalized intersections along the corridor.
Revision Date: 6/19/2007
Revision Date: 10/14/2010
Community Notice - Arastradero Paving - August 13, 2010
Revision Date: 8/13/2010
The final plan, approved by the City Council in January 2004, includes additional street trees, landscaped medians, street furniture and other landscape architecture to enhance and make the features of the trial permanent.
Revision Date: 6/19/2007
This report, distributed in 2000 by the San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic, evaluates the effects of roadway changes on the safety, use and traffic effects on Valencia.
Revision Date: 6/19/2007