Photovoltaic Partners Program


Residential PV Partners Rebate funds were fully reserved on August 9, 2014. Click here to see updates on new solar programs under development.

Palo Alto electric utility customers can get rebates and installation assistance from our award-winning solar energy incentive program---PV Partners. We encourage high quality photovoltaic installations (solar electric) on Palo Alto homes and businesses in support of the statewide Million Solar Roofs Initiative.

PV Partners provides rebates based on the system size, measured in watts of newly installed PV systems. PV Partners offers rebates at the levels below, based on customer type.

Although Palo Alto’s electric supply is now carbon neutral, it still makes a lot of sense to consider a solar system for your home or business
. Your local solar PV system will deliver big benefits both to our community and to you personally.

Want to know more about Palo Alto's solar initiatives? Watch this video interview with CPAU's Solar Marketing Engineer Lindsay Joye.

Benefits when you install a solar system:

  • On top of knowing you’re making a big difference to the environment, you also still get the personal benefit of money savings from reduced electric charges on your utilities bill!
  • You help reduce the environmental costs for new transmission lines to bring energy from remote generators.
  • You help reduce the amount of renewable energy the City must buy for the community, and since all renewable energy sources have some environmental impact (wind and birds, solar and desert tortoises, etc.), using less power from ANY energy facility reduces our impact on the environment.
  • You help reduce peak demand on hot summer afternoons for the entire statewide energy system. That means not turning on older, inefficient and polluting generators often needed to meet that peak demand. Even though Palo Alto doesn’t buy this “brown” energy, others in the state do and so not having to turn those generators on is an environmental plus for all Californians.

Getting a good contractor is important!  Especially if you were cold called or had someone show up at your door, you may feel unsure if a solar contractor is on the up and up.  Check out our Solar 101 basic presentation here and note slide 45 about selecting a contractor.

CPAU uses PowerClerk to process PV Partners applications. Solar contractors may request a login password by sending an email to
Please include the following information with your request: Company name, mailing address, contact name, phone number, email address and the California contractor's license number, class and expiration date.
Once you have your login, you can start your application at: 





Residential Solar PV permits can now be reviewed over the counter by appointment. Find out the permitting process for your system and get all related contacts and documents on our web page.


Last Updated: May 20, 2015