Solar energy in Palo Alto

Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that can efficiently provide electric power and hot water. The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) offers a variety of programs, rebates, and informative resources to residents and businesses interested in solar energy.

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The City of Palo Alto Utilities supports the growth of solar resources for residents, businesses, and in the City's energy portfolio. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to dive deeper into the ways solar energy fits into Palo Alto's power resources, efficiency programs and city planning.

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715 kW NEM Capacity Remaining City Participates in SunShares for Third Year City Adds 20 MW in Solar Energy
October 2017. There are 715 kilowatts (kW) remaining for new NEM Reservations before Palo Alto reaches the NEM cap of 10,800 kW.

To learn more, visit our NEM Reservation page.
August 2017. CPAU announced their participation in the SunShares group-buy program, which offers discounted rates on residential solar and electric vehicle chargers.

To learn more, visit
July 2016. CPAU announced the addition of 20 MW of new solar PV capacity to its carbon neutral electricity portfolio.

To learn more, read the News Release Announcement.