Residential Efficiency Programs & Rebates

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Click here to access your new utility portal where you can see your gas, water and electric usage. See how you compare to similar homes, check your historical usage patterns, and get resources and programs to help you save energy and water! For help logging in or questions about the portal, call your efficiency advisor at 650-713-3411.

Palo Alto’s electric supply is now carbon neutral, but you can still make efficiency improvements at your home to lower your energy and water consumption, and save on your utility bills.

Benefits when you improve efficiency:

  • Save money by reducing electric charges on your utilities bill
  • Reduce the environmental costs for new transmission lines to bring energy from remote generators
  • Reduce the amount of renewable energy the City must buy for the community, using less power from ANY energy facility reduces our impact on the environment
  • Reduce peak demand

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Smart Energy Rebate Program

Our Smart Energy Program provides rebates for installing energy and water efficient appliances, which is good for your pocket book and the environment! CPAU now has a carbon neutral electric portfolio, which means no carbon emissions from your electric usage. But you help further our environmental goals through efficiency by reducing peak energy demands possibly supplied by "brown" power and reducing environmental costs to purchase new supplies. Get rebates for purchasing and installing:

Water Conservation Programs & Rebates

Our Water Conservation Programs can help you use water as efficiently as possible and save money on water and energy costs. Sign up for a free survey of home water use and we'll provide efficiency devices free of charge if necessary. Water efficiency programs include:

Renewable Energy & Sustainability Programs

Consider installing a solar electric (photovoltaic or "PV") system to generate electricity or a solar water heating system to get hot water for your home.

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2017