Our SMART Energy Program helps you save money and help the environment. Get rebates for purchasing and installing attic insulation, boilers, furnaces, efficient refrigerators, washing machines, and so much more.  Even with our carbon neutral electric portfolio, participating in a rebate program can help to lower your utilities bill. 

Take this free personalized Online Energy Audit of your home and see how much you can save!

If you don't find it here, call (650) 329-2241 for more info.  Join our email list to get updates on workshops and programs.

Our Water Efficiency Programs can help you use water as efficiently as possible and save money on water and energy costs. We have water wise audits as well as rebates for high efficiency toilets, clothes washers, low water use landscaping and more.

New Construction Incentive for Residents. Get a rebate of up to $3,000 for constructing a home which is more energy and water efficient that required under the Green Building Program.

Interested in learning how you can easily reduce your home energy and water use?  Take advantage of our FREE workshops held throughout the year!

Workshops with a variety of topics are held throughout the year, such as:

  • Green building techniques
  • Easy DIY home energy efficiency
  • Whole home sustainable water management
  • Water efficient landscaping basics
  • Tree care in water conserving landscapes
  • Plant selection and irrigation for different garden needs
  • Smart and attractive alternatives to lawn
  • Home composting
  • Worm composting
  • Less-toxic pest control

Plus, don't miss an open house or tour of our EcoHome!

Visit our workshops page for details on all current events.

Although Palo Alto’s electric supply is now carbon neutral, it still makes a lot of sense to make energy efficiency improvements at your home!

Benefits when you improve efficiency:

• You get the personal benefit of money savings from reduced electric charges on your utilities bill!
• You help reduce the environmental costs for new transmission lines to bring energy from remote generators. • You help reduce the amount of renewable energy the City must buy for the community, and since all renewable energy sources have some environmental impact (wind and birds, solar and desert tortoises, etc.), using less power from ANY energy facility reduces our impact on the environment.
• You help reduce peak demand on hot summer afternoons for the entire statewide energy system. That means not turning on older, inefficient and polluting generators often needed to meet that peak demand. Even though Palo Alto doesn’t buy this “brown” energy, others in the state do and so not having to turn those generators on is an environmental plus for all Californians.

Other Rebates and Programs

Renewable Energy/ Sustainability Programs 

Last Updated: Dec 8, 2014
UMS Terms & Conditions
These are the terms and conditions for the City of Palo Alto Utilities Residential Rebate Programs

Residential Clothes Washer Rebate
Palo Alto residents can receive a $125 rebate for purchasing an approved high-efficiency clothes washer.

City Hall King Plaza Demonstration Garden
A garden planted by community volunteers which showcases sustainable landscape principles for maximum environmental benefits.
New sustainable demonstration garden at Palo Alto City Hall.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) Information
All information about CFL purchases, lighting options and disposal.

LED's (Light Emitting Diode)
LED lighting information

Council Approves Major Renewable Solar Electric Purchase Agreements
New contracts for 182.5 Gigawatt Hours of clean, green electric power send City full steam ahead down its path to a carbon-free future.

Palo Alto's Solar PV Program is a National Achiever Again
National rankings show Palo Alto is again among the top utilities nationwide for solar electric installations.

Palo Altans Protecting the Planet---2013 Update
Celebrate the Earth all the time! See the community's progress on our Climate Protection Plan and find links to events, programs and services you can take advantage of now!

Keeping Cool In the Summer
Stay comfortable and save energy with these tips.

Palo Alto ranks in Top 10 for Nationwide Water Conservation Challenge
Over 16,000 residents made the pledge to be more efficient.

Home Energy Reports
A way to get information about your energy usage is available in Palo Alto.

How Can a Renter Save Energy and Water?
As a renter, you can't make major upgrades to your home. How do you save water and energy?

Financing for Residential Efficiency Projects
Find out about our financing program for residential efficiency programs.

Hot Water Heater Replacement
Do you want to reduce your gas or electric bill? Upgrade your hot water heater!

Credits for Solar Electric (PV) Customers
State law mandates how customers who have solar electric or PV systems get credited for their system's generation. Let us know how you wish to receive this credit.

Bay Friendly Landscapes
It's never been easier to have a beautiful, water efficient garden--Be Bay-Friendly!

Lucie Stern Demonstration Garden
A beautiful, healthy space for the whole community to enjoy.

How Does Your Water Use Measure Up?
During Irrigation Month, do you know if you use a typical amount of water? Or should you try to reduce your water use?

Fluoride---nothing to fear! Learn more, report water problems and get updates on service outages and quality issues.

CustomerConnect Pilot FAQ's
Information and frequently asked questions about the Utilities CustomerConnect Pilot Program

Time of Use (TOU) Rate Information
Time of Use (TOU) Rate Information

How to choose the right lights for my home
Learn more information about how to shop for lighting, including CFL's, LED's and more.


WATER--DROUGHT UPDATE--Palo Alto Water Use Guidelines
Read the latest updates on current water use regulations, drought conditions and what Palo Alto Utilities is asking customers to do. Learn what is happening at the State, regional and local levels. Check out all the free services, rebates and other resources to help you use water efficiently.
PA water at source--Tuolumne River-photo by C.Elvert

Eichler Energy Efficiency
Own an Eichler? Here are some Eichler applicable rebates, tips and resources.

CustomerConnect Portal Information
Relevant information for the CustomerConnect Pilot Program online portal.

Avoid Wasting Energy Through Vampire Loads and Game Consoles
Find out how to avoid wasting energy through "phantom loads" and how much energy your video game console uses when it is OFF! Did you know that your set-top cable box uses as much energy as your refrigerator?

Right Tree-Right Place Program
Trees and power lines can co-exist! If you have a private tree conflicting with power lines, you have several options, including possible free removal and rebates for replacement.

How Does Your Water Use Compare?
Save water for all of our futures. Find out how your water use compares with others.

Your Home
How we can help you at home.

Things You Should Know When Hiring a Contractor
Protect yourself from solar and energy efficiency scammers; use our contractor certification program at or look here for more information.

Watt Meters at Library
Find out how much energy you are using and SAVE!

Home Energy Analysis
The new Home Energy Reports provide comparative information on your energy use. Information about the Home Energy Report is available.

Click here to reach an on-line energy audit service.

Energy Upgrade California
Interested in upgrading your home? Questions about the Energy Upgrade California program? We have answers here.

Causes for High Utilities Bills
Find ways to save on your Utility bills!

Renewable Portfolio Standard Plan Before Council
On December 12, 2011 Council adopted the plan as required by Senate Bill X1 2.

Smart Landscape Watering
Hot summer days are the perfect time to consider giving your landscape an irrigation make-over.

How To Apply
Application Instructions for the residential energy efficiency programs

Pool Pump Rebate Program
Old pool pumps can run for extended hours and can consume large amounts of electricity. Swapping out an old pump for a new variable speed high efficiency one can save you big bucks!

Register for these FREE Palo Alto Workshops
Find out more about tree care, sustainable landscaping, home composting, attractive alternatives to lawns and new EcoHome. Take a tour of the EcoHome or attend one of our open houses.

The Second Annual Great Race for Saving Water Makes a Splash!
A crowd of fun runners, walkers and festivity-goers showed up on April 19 to rally behind a good cause - water conservation. The fun didn't stop there - raffle prizes, live music, food, arts & crafts, free goodies from sponsors - view our photos and check back here for details on next year's event!

Refrigerator Rebate Program
Let us pay you $35 to remove your older running refrigerator, taking this high energy user out of service permanently.
Receive a $50 rebate for a new CEE Tier 3 refrigerator.