PV Permitting & Interconnection

City of Palo Alto Photovoltaic Permitting and Interconnection Information

    1.  PV Rebate

2.  PV Permit Submittal

PV Permit Fees

Base Fee




Commercial <10kW


Commercial ≥10kW - 49kW


Commercial >49kW


Records Retention (per sheet)


3. PV Inspection

  • The City of Palo Alto requires 3 inspections for small residential systems and 4 for commercial/large residential.
  • Call (650) 329-2496 to schedule the Palo Alto Building Dept. inspections, including the Final PV Inspection.
  • Call (650) 496-6978 to schedule the Palo Alto Utilities Electric Meter Shop inspection.
    • You may be able to schedule this Utilities inspection at the same time as the final Building Dept. PV inspection by calling at least 3 work days ahead.

PV Inspection Checklists

Contact Information

  • General Inquiry and Feedback
    Email PVPartners@cityofpaloalto.org
  • Rebates
    Utilities Marketing Services, 650-329-2241
  • Permitting/Interconnection
    Development Center, 650-329-2496 or email
  • Metering
    Utilities Electric Meter Shop, 650-496-6978
  • Development Center Location and Hours:
    285 Hamilton Avenue at Bryant Street.
    Hours 9 AM to 4 PM , Monday to Friday
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2015