PV Permitting

City of Palo Alto Photovoltaic Permitting and Interconnection Information

     PV Rebate (for non-residential PV installations)

PV Permit Submittal

PV Permit Fees

Base Fee




Commercial <10kW


Commercial ≥10kW - 49kW


Commercial >49kW


Records Retention (per sheet)


PV Inspection

  • Small residential systems require 2 inspections: one for Utilities Interconnection and one for PV permit approval
  • Large residential and all commercial systems require 3 inspections for PV permit approval, and one for utilities Interconnection.
  • Call (650) 496-6978 to schedule the Palo Alto Utilities Electric Meter Shop inspection. (You may be able to schedule this Utilities inspection at the same time as the final Building Dept. PV inspection by calling at least 3 work days ahead.)
  • Call (650) 329-2496 to schedule the Palo Alto Building Dept. inspections, including the Final PV Inspection.
  • Please note: the Palo Alto Building Inspector issues the interconnection approval (also known as permission to operate) at the final inspection. You can view your permit status in the online permit system ACCELA. (Search by address or permit number, click on the relevant permit, select "Records Info" tab, then "Inspections", and look for the approval date for code "703 Photovoltaic Final")

PV Inspection Checklists

Net Metering and Interconnection

You will need to complete, sign and submit the
City of Palo Alto Utilities’ Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement when you install a new PV system, add to an existing PV system, or open a new CPAU account for a home with an existing PV system. 

Monthly billing for solar customers is described in CPAU’s
Net Metering Billing Explanation.

Annual Settlement: If a customer’s PV system has generated more electricity in a year than is consumed, the customer should make an election to determine whether to carry the net surplus electricity forward into the next settlement year, or to cash out using the Net Surplus Electricity Rate. Click here for CPAU’s Net Surplus Electricity Explanation Form and Rate.

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