Residential Rates

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The following rate schedules are current:

Electricity - Residential Electric Service This schedule applies to separately metered single-family residential dwellings receiving retail energy services from the City of Palo Alto. Utility Rate Schedule E-1
Revision Date: 07/01/2009

Electricity - Residential Green Power Electric Service This schedule was suspended by Council vote on 9/9/13, pending a review and modification of the PaloAltoGreen renewable energy program. Visit for details.

Electricity - Residential Time of Use Rate Adjustment This is a pilot voluntary rate adjustment that is applied in conjunction with the E-1 or E-1-G rate schedule to reward shifting electric vehicle charging or other electricity use into the off-peak (night) hours. This rate is currently only available to participants in the Customer Connect pilot program. See the Customer Connect program webpage for more details. Utility Rate Schedule E-1 TOU.

Electricity - Net Surplus Electricity Compensation  This schedule applies to eligible residential and small commercial net metering Customers who, at the end of an annual settlement period, as defined by Rule 29, are net surplus customer-generators of electricity and who elect to receive monetary compensation as such preference is indicated on the net surplus electricity election form.  Utility Rate Schedule E-NSE-1
Revision Date 01/01/2011

Natural Gas
Natural Gas - Residential Gas Service This schedule applies to natural gas service to individually metered single family premises, including those separately metered in a multi-family complex. Utility Rate Schedule G-1
Revision Date: 01/01/13

Commodity Charge:  Your gas rates change monthly based on market prices.  We will soon be posting monthly rates for those interested. 

Residential Green Gas Service
Effective Date: 07/01/2014

Water - General Residential Water Service This schedule applies to all residential single family water service. Utility Rate Schedule W-1
Revision Date: 7/1/2013

Wastewater (Sewer)

Wastewater - Domestic Wastewater Collection and Disposal  This schedule applies to each occupied domestic dwelling unit. Utility Rate Schedule S-1
Revision Date: 07/01/2012

Storm Drain
Storm Drain - General Storm Drain and Surface Water Drainage This schedule applies to all storm and surface water drainage service, excepting only those users and to the extent that they are constitutionally exempt under the Constitution of the State of California or who are determined to be exempt pursuant to Rule and Regulation 25. Utility Rate Schedule D-1
Revision Date: 7/01/2013

Refuse (Garbage Collection)
Refuse - Domestic Refuse Collection 
This schedule applies to each occupied domestic dwelling as required by City ordinance. Utility Rate Schedule R-1
Revision Date: 7/1/2012

Service Calls / Connection Fees / Deposits / Rate Discounts

Utilities rates schedules for service calls and connection fees

Utility Service Calls Service calls and other service work rates. Utility Rate Schedule C-1
Revision Date: 07/01/2009

Electric Service Connection Fees Connecting electric service inside the City of Palo Alto and applies to all connections, expansions, and upgrades to the City's electric distribution system except those that serve street lighting or traffic signals. Utility Rate Schedule E-15
Revision Date: 07/01/2012

Gas Service Connection Fees Connecting natural gas service inside the incorporated limits of the City of Palo Alto and on land owned or leased by the City of Palo Alto. Utility Rate Schedule G-5
Revision Date: 08/08/2008

Sewer Service Connection Fees Connecting up to sewer service inside the incorporated limits of the City of Palo Alto and on land owned or leased by the City of Palo Alto. Utility Rate Schedule S-5
Revision Date: 07/06/2009

Water Service Connection Fees
Connecting water service inside the incorporated limits of the City of Palo Alto and on land owned or leased by the City of Palo Alto. Utility Rate Schedule W-5
Revision Date: 07/06/2009

Customer Deposits
This schedule applies to customers within the City limits of Palo Alto who are required to provide a deposit by the Utility. Utility Rate Schedule C-2
Revision Date: 07/01/1992

Residential Rate Assistance Program  This schedule is for residents who qualify for rate assistance due to financial or medical hardship.  Utility Rate Schedule C-4
Revision Date: 07/01/2009

Electricity - Service for City Employees  
This is the discount for residents who are also City of Palo Alto employees meeting certain eligibility criteria.  Utility Rate Schedule C-3
Revision Date: 07/01/1983

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Last Updated: Jul 9, 2014
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