Utilities Outages

Providing reliable service is a top priority for all of us in your City Utilities Department and our crews work daily to maintain and improve the system's lines and pipes. On those occasions when service gets disrupted due to planned or unplanned events, we want to be sure you have accurate, timely information about what is going on and any actions you should take.

City of Palo Alto Outage Map Check the map for up-to-date power outage and restoration status.

Email us at
UtilitiesCommunications@cityofpaloalto.org to request a free "How to Reach Us" magnet with Utilities and other important contact information.

Planned outage or disruption


Sometimes maintenance or capital replacement on a part of the utility system requires some portion to be taken out of service while our crews do the work. For instance, we may need to upgrade an electric transformer, replace a water main or repair a natural gas shut-off valve. We will make every attempt to notify you about a planned service disruption ahead of time.

Planned outages are no longer posted online to respect the privacy of the impacted customers, all of whom receive direct notification of the disruption.

Scheduled or recently completed projects causing service disruptions:

Unplanned outages or disruptions

From accidents (e.g. tree branches falling onto a power line) or human error (e.g. contractors hitting pipes while digging) there will sometimes be sudden, unexpected disruptions to your gas, electric, fiber optic or water service.

When these occur you will find updates about them at the links below:

Electric, Gas & Fiber Optics

  • Report a power outage or other power issues: (650) 496-6914
  • Report a gas leak or outage: (650) 329-2579
  • Report a streetlight out or maintenance: (650) 496-6914


  • Report a water leak or outage: (650) 329-2579


Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017