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Here are our latest Media Alerts:

November 17, 2014     City Tests Smart Solar Streetlights Along El Camino Real

November 13, 2014      Palo Alto Commemorates Completion of New Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project 

October 21, 2014    Palo Alto Awarded Public Power Utility of the Year

May 29, 2014           Dazzling Energy & Water Savings at VMWare and PAOC in Palo Alto

May 8, 2014               Palo Alto Solar Rebates Head Off into Sunset

April 29, 2014            Palo Alto Now Offers Largest Water-Savings Rebates in Bay Area

April 2, 2014              Water Double Doozy---Mayor's Challenge and Great Race both in April!

March 18, 2014          Oshman Jewish Community Center Solar System Third Largest in Palo Alto

Feb 26, 2014            SCVWD Announces 20% Water Use Cutback; SFPUC still requests 10% from Palo Alto

Oct 31, 2013             Singing Pirates, Penguins and More All Mob City Hall Plaza Today---Call 811!

Oct 4, 2013               Singing Employees Herald Benefits of Public Power

Dec 17, 2013            Enthusiasm Blooms at City Hall Demo Garden 

Nov 5, 2013               Mayor Announces Seven "Green Business Leaders" for 2013

Sept 21, 2013           Palo Alto Utilities Reps Ranked #1 in Nation in Customer Satisfaction

Sept. 13, 2013          More Green Power Zipping to Palo Alto--new landfill gas-to-energy facility launched

Sept 10, 2013           Council Approves Changes to Award-Winning PaloAltoGREEN Program

Sept 5, 2013            SCAM WARNING---Ignore Calls Threatening Power-Shutoff due to Unpaid Bills

Aug 26, 2013            Yosemite Rim Fire---Impacts on Palo Alto

July 30, 2013            Palo Alto Wins National Award for Gas Safety Education

July 15, 2013            Little Cultural Ambassadors from China visit CPAU

May 13, 2013            PG&E Starting Work (Alma & Oregon) to Get "PIGs" into Pipes

May 3, 2013              Girl Scout Architects Build Their Own Model EcoHomes!

May 3, 2013              Northbound Foothill Expressway Closed This Weekend--PG&E Project

April 29, 2013           Great Race for Saving Water Made a Big Splash

April 23, 2013:          Stop the Running Toilet!  Overflowing Fun at Great Race for Saving Water this Saturday

March 22, 2013:        Palo Altan Replaces 85 Year Old Toilet and Saves over 43,000 Gallons Per Year

February 26, 2013:   Palo Alto's First Solar System Owner Renews Commitment

October 30, 2012:    Power-Sucking Vampires Descend on City Hall Tomorrow

October 24, 2012:    PG&E Gas Venting Today and Night Work This Week

October 12, 2012:    Palo Alto Scores with Affirmed Triple A Utility Bond Ratings

October 1, 2012:  Invitation to Presentation for the Mayor's Green Business Leader Awards

September 25, 2012: New LED Streetlights Around Town

September 25, 2012:  Would You Believe Another PG&E Project Schedule Change?

September 21, 2012:   Latest Updates to PG&E Pipeline Project

August 27, 2012: HP receives a large rebate check for efficiency upgrades to a data center

August 21, 2012:  SIGNIFICANT OUTAGE: A tripped electric feeder line switch caused about 1,600 customers to lose power most of the day (along the 2700-3100 blocks of Middlefield Road).  The restoration took awhile because the problem lay in an underground line that had to be pulled up and replaced. 

August 14, 2012: Traffic impacts to the Charleston area due to a PG&E transmission gas line project.
                             Photo of signage (mentioned in media alert)

June 25, 2012:  OUTAGE: Mylar Balloon hit overhead wires causing about 1,435 customers to lose power for an hour (near El Camino and Los Robles).

June 6, 2012:  Wanted: Public Input on whether City Should Make 100% Green Power Purchases

May 7, 2012:  The City of Palo Alto Utilities' Department wins a 2012 Public Power Wind Award

May 7, 2012:  Palo Altans make the Top 10 in national 2012 Mayor's Water Reduction Challenge

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2014
Palo Alto Advances in $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize
Palo Alto is among a select number of communities across the nation leading the way on energy efficiency.

City of Palo Alto Leads the Way in Sustainability
PaloAltoGreen Gas is the First Green-e Climate Certified Natural Gas Offset Program Offered by a Municipal Utility

National Shout Out for Solar Day
January 16, 2015 is National Shout Out for Solar Day - read more to see how you can join in the fun!